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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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What are the fundamental things to consider before choosing a fashion college in London?

choosing a fashion college in London?

Are you considered a fashionista within your circle? Are you lauded for your colour and design sense? Do you want a fast-paced career filled with glamour and exciting work?

If yes, a career in fashion designing can be just right for you.

Fashion designing is one of the leading creative industries in the UK and the rest of the world. According to, the annual revenue of the apparel market in the country was around £ 52 billion. The global fashion market is much bigger and is estimated to be valued at $300 billion.

Such a booming industry can offer you diverse career options that can allow you to earn big bucks and display your creativity. It can also allow you to network with the who’s who of the industry and be a part of fashion glamour.

Pursuing a fashion course is a great way to enter the industry and establish yourself in a design career. There are many reputed fashion colleges in London that offer comprehensive fashion designing or fashion management programmes.

However, choosing the right college can be difficult especially if you have so many choices. Read this blog to explore some important factors that can help you choose the right

What should you consider before choosing the right fashion college?

A lot of factors go into your decision of choosing a fashion college for yourself. Taking a hasty decision can impact your future career in the fashion industry. Here are some important factors you should consider before making your choice.

  1. Cost of the programme: The tuition fees of a fashion programme is often a primary criterion for choosing a fashion college. It is good to stick to a course that fits your budget instead of incurring a lot of debt for enrolling in a costly programme.
  2. Number and diversity of specialisations being offered: If you haven’t made up your mind about the fashion specialisation you should pick, then you should look for a college that offers a wide variety of specialisations and fashion electives.
  3. Accreditations and recognition received by the university: If you fancy a global career, you should ensure that your degree is recognised by potential employers across the globe. Therefore, you should select a fashion college that has been accredited by global education boards and fashion bodies.
  4. Comprehensiveness and practicality of the curriculum: Most fashion specialisations are highly practical in nature and require practical training. Look for fashion colleges that have well-designed course curriculums with a lot of practical subjects and lab modules.

Other important factors to consider include the qualifications of the instructors and faculty, the location of the college and the student-to-teacher ratio in each batch.

A fashion college meeting all these requirements can ensure you get comprehensive fashion industry expertise and the right start to your career. Start your search for good fashion colleges in London or your preferred city today to take the fashion world by storm.

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