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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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Things To Add To Your Car Next

Things To Add To Your Car Next

When you have a car they come pretty basic but do the job as intended.

A lot of people like to modify cars, to suit their individual needs, for safety reasons and sometimes just to look a lot better. You can also get things which improve performance. So, for example, if you buy a Strut Brace from JP Cages it can improve handling and increase chassis stiffness.

Make Sure You Are Kitted Out For The Kids

When you have kids in the car, things can get a whole new level of disorganised, messy and unfortunately sometimes sticky. A great thing to have in the car is a handheld hoover, this will be perfect for when the kids have had snacks and there are just crumbs everywhere! You can also get activity sets that hook onto the headrests to keep them busy with long drives as well as having a space to put an iPad so they can enjoy a film while you drive. It is also important to have a baby on board sign in the back window when you have a young child with you. This not only lets the car behind know to be safe while driving but in an accident, if one ever occurred it would alert medical and emergency staff to the knowledge there could be a child nearby they need to search for or give care to as a priority.

The Winter Must-Haves And Getting Prepared For All Eventualities

During Winter the temperatures plummet and if your car breaks down you will find yourself in a bit of trouble. You can get some great things for your car to feel more comfortable and to be prepared for whatever happens. So, first of all, look to have a section in your boot where you can have some essentials, a first aid kit is, of course, important, some bottled water, some protein and healthy snacks are also a great thing to add there. Pop in some blankets to keep you warm. It is also handy to have things that will help keep the car going like a tyre repair kit, screen wash and ice scrapers. Another advantage of technology these days is that you can get phone chargers that work from your car, so if you’re lost or broken down you can have your phone charged from your car so you will be able to get help. You can also get a plug-in heater that can plug into the car and keep you nice and warm in the colder temperatures.

Personalise It To Suit You

Luckily there are so many things out now that you can get to personalise your car to suit your needs and preferences. This could be something like a seat cover to make it more comfortable, a steering wheel cover as well as personalised mats, window stickers and so much more.

Cars do not have to be boring and as you brought them, with a little love and attention they can be just how you want them.

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