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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve With Photch

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Immerse yourself into the world of wearable technology with the Photch Bluetooth Bracelet Watch. Giving you loads of smart functions, but all in the form of this super chic and stylish bangle. Leading the way in cutting edge, on trend design for 2017.

Wherever you go, you can’t be without Photch! A necessity to demands of modern day life. Just like your very own PA.  Minimising the time spent doing laborious tasks, meaning that you have more time to enjoy what matters most.

With a minimalistic curved screen this bracelet fits seamlessly into your life, as it most importantly work’s around you, while looking stylish with any outfit. Be the trendsetter, stand out from the crowd and you’re sure to have the whole neighbourhood asking where you got that ultra-chic piece of tech from.

So what can Photch do for you? Well before scrambling around in the bottomless pit of your Mary Poppins bag, or the never ending black holes of your pocket where just about anything can get lost, the Photch is here to help. It instantly displays who’s calling you, along with their number buzzing to signal incoming calls and messages, so you know whether it’s urgent or can wait just that little bit longer.

Photch is also a great way of activating music from your smartphone library, so when your hands are full, Photch has got your back, playing some much-loved tunes, from dawn till dusk.  And it even works as your full time personal assistant, syncing alarm reminders and setting an alert, so when you move over ten meters away from your phone, there is no chance of you losing it.

The creators of Photch even incorporated the more traditional necessities, making sure this handy little device even tells the time! So if your rushed off your feet, Photch is sure to be your new best friend!

The Photch Bluetooth Bracelet Watch is available from the The Fowndry in small (17cm) and medium (18cm) sizes.

Was £79.99 and is now on sale for £47.49!

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