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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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The Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is the lock of the future

The Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is the lock of the future

Smart & Secure

The Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is the lock of the future, controlled wirelessly and automatically from your smartphone or tablet. Everything in life is better with Bluetooth, and the Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is no exception. Handsome yet understated, given its rugged credentials (more on that later), this 21st Century padlock is keyless – opting instead to connect to the smartphone or tablet in your pocket or bag.

When you get close, this cool app-controlled padlock unlocks automatically, granting you access to your shed, bike, or biscuit cupboard like an obliging concierge.

But it’s not just a clever gimmick. Being loaded with the latest in Bluetooth technology gives this smartlock a few advantages over its key-controlled rivals. For instance, using the app on your phone, you can share access to Noke with any of your friends. What’s more, you can specify the exact day, time, location or duration of time they can access it. You can even track who’s been using your Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock from day to day, and where they were. Pretty handy if you have expensive stuff in transit.

Then there’s the other obvious concern. What happens when your phone dies, or gets lost, stolen or smashed? Will the Noke shun you like a doorman to a stag party? Thankfully not. Like a secret handshake, the Noke has an ingenious failsafe mechanism that involves tapping a unique pattern, morse-code style, to release the lock. It’s almost as impressive as the keyless entry.

And what happens when the battery in your smart lock dies? Well, first of all, the app will have been warning you for several weeks, so you ought to feel pretty stupid. Secondly, a cleverly-concealed pair of contacts on the underside of the Noke means you can effectively jump-start it with a new battery. Once it’s unlocked, the back slides off without any need for tools. Before you know it, you’ll have swapped in the new battery and be ready to go.

The Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock costs £59.99 from


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