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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Ways To Highlight Your Attributes As A Professional In Your Business

Ways To Highlight Your Attributes As A Professional In Your Business

If you are straight out of college and new to the workforce or are simply trying to showcase you’re your role in your current company, then it’s important to emphasize what makes you a professional in your field.

Companies are more likely to hire an applicant who understands the criteria of what comes along with a professional role and makes the effort to maintain the appearance of one as well. Below are a few basic ways that you can illustrate your professionalism or even enhance it so that you are best suited for the position you want or are currently in.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to a professional environment and establishing your role within it. Employers want to know that you are capable of staying true to your word, especially with regards to the workload you are entrusted to complete or simply staying punctual for meetings or due dates. It can be easy to slip into a comfortable habit once you are in a position for a few years, but that can quickly lead to inconsistency with your work when you no longer feel like the same amount of effort needs to be made. This is what distinguishes a professional from an amateur – recognizing that your role is just as important, time consuming, and difficult five years down the line as it was when you first joined the company.

Use The Right Tools

With time-sensitive work and continuous due dates that seem to be piling up faster than you can get the work done, it’s important to utilize the best tools to help you through your arduous day. For time management, look into a digital calendar that will best schedule the week ahead for you and ensure that you don’t miss any important meetings or project deadlines. Having a trusty planner will relieve some of the stress of constantly having to remember what needs to get done and allows you to dump all your pertinent days into it knowing that it will notify you when necessary.

For document storage and security invest in a virtual data room, either for personal or company use. This will ensure that all confidential company information remains under lock and key on a cloud-based platform designed specifically to provide the best protection and ultimate user control. Rather than constantly using external hard drives or USBs that can be easily damaged, lost, or forgotten during a business trip, opt for a VDR that you can access whenever, wherever you are. Not only will this make your life easier, but it will illustrate you’re forward thinking and adherence to the security of yourself, your company, and your clients, establishing yourself as a true professional in your field.

Learn From Your Mistakes           

Being able to recognize when you’ve made a mistake is just as vital as taking the time and making the effort to learn from what you’ve done wrong and correcting it. Your efforts will be appreciated not only by your colleagues, but also your clients who rely on you for the best support and competent work for the money they are investing in your services. It is undeniably much easier to pass the blame onto someone else or refer to anther department to fix any issues, but by accepting fault when it happens you will build a better relationship with your management team and gain the trust of any customers that may be upset at the error. A professional recognizes when they are in the wrong and will take the responsibility of turning that wrong into a right without question or hesitation. Be accountable for your actions and know that it will pay off in the way others respond to you and your position in your company. 

Look The Part

Being considered a professional doesn’t end at your behavior in your position – the way you look also plays a part in how others perceive you and your capabilities. While your overall legitimacy shouldn’t be based on how you look, it is important to put in effort upon first meetings to illustrate non-verbally that managers or clients should be able to trust you with their projects. Present yourself physically the way you want your work to present itself when it is completed to the best of your abilities.

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