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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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Trouble In Paradise? Learn How To Improve Your Marriage

Learn How To Improve Your Marriage

Admit it, Marriages aren’t a walk in the park. Maintaining a relationship between two people with distinct ideas, opinions, and beliefs takes grit.

Unfortunately, experts predict forty to fifty percent of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce and marriage rates continue decreasing. As a result, healthy relationships appear to exist in dystopia.

Fear not, because the first step to improve a marriage is to realise your relationship needs a change.

Stop Augmenting The Negatives 

Ever start an argument with your significant other and only focus on what they’re doing wrong?

Your arguments might revolve over a few dirty dishes, a forgotten anniversary, or unwanted guests in the household. Before you know it, though, the most simple altercations turn into full fights when one brings up all past missteps. Therefore, when discussing issues in your relationship, also mind the positives.

Think to yourself, “Ok, my spouse is a bit messy around the kitchen”, but remember, “My spouse also cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.” It’s not about settling for less, but about recognising everything your partner does and doesn’t for your marriage.

After defining the positives and negatives, have a discussion, work on the negatives, and again, remember the positives.

Acknowledge Your Faults

It’s tough to admit you’re wrong, especially when you are trying to prove a point. But, sometimes, it’s just about swallowing your pride, putting yourself in your lover’s shoes, and stepping out of your comfort zone. It might take Simply CBD, mediation, or self-talk to muster the courage to own up to your mistakes, but once you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable, your partner will feel at ease and do the same.

Don’t Keep Secrets & Be Honest

Someone once said, “honesty is the best policy”, and all marriages are better off following this mantra. Your partner should be a confidante and a support system.

All relationships are built on trust. When you keep secrets and lie to your lover, it destroys the prospects of a successful and healthy marriage. Trust is the foundation of a relationship, as uncomfortable as it may seem, be honest.

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Never Stop The Romance

Mostly everyone will tell you marriage is when romance ends and responsibility begins. Couples stop doing the things that made them fall for each other in the first place and lose the “spark” that drove the passion in the relationship.

Romance doesn’t have an expiration date.


Picture by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Read the list below. Have you done any of the following in the past week?

  • Held hands while walking
  • Kissed goodnight
  • Went on a date
  • Planned a getaway/vacation
  • Slept together
  • Said “I love you”
  • Showed your appreciation
  • Did something spontaneous
  • Other romantic gestures

If you didn’t say yes to at least one, it’s time for some tough love. Keep the romance alive. Pick anything from the list and do it. Every couple should display their love through romantic gestures that keep the “spark” alive.


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