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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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TRIED AND TESTED: STV’s top tips on keeping spiders away!

TRIED AND TESTED: STV’s top tips on keeping spiders away!

STV318 Spider CatcherIt’s the autumn season and as the weather starts to cool down, male spiders are on the hunt to find a dry and warm place to mate. But where will they go? You’ve got it! Roll up those newspapers because an army of eight-legged creepy-crawlies are about to invade your home!

But have no fear; members of staff from STV pest control in Norfolk have combined their knowledge and expertise to come up with 5 ways to keep your home a spider-free zone this season. Read on to find out… 

  • Some say it’s bonkers but Emily Paterson, communications writer says that conkers do the trick! Whilst at university, Emily surrounded her windows and the corners of her room with the conkers she’d collected and says she didn’t see a single spider for the whole year!
  • Unfortunately for pet owners, using conkers isn’t an option because of the danger they cause if ingested. So what do you use? Your pets! Andrew Nedev IT technician recently bought a puppy that has helped reduce spiders by eating them! Andrew thinks this has been the best solution on keeping spiders away from his home this season. (Please don’t try this at home)
  • Unfortunately buying a pet to hoover up spiders is an expensive alternative so Lucy Cook, campaign coordinator says that people should forget about the spring-clean and consider an autumn clean instead. She used STV’s Spider Catcher from The Buzz to remove the spiders that were in hard to reach areas. Its two feet in length meant that Lucy could stay at a safe distance and remove them without harm! Hear @LesleyDolphin talk about STV Spider Catcher from The Buzz on BBC Radio Suffolk!
  • It’s as simple as keeping the lights off says graphic designer, Sally Betts. Keeping her outdoors light to a minimum has meant that flies and other food sources have lessoned making spiders more likely to scurry elsewhere. But for those pesky spiders that do manage to sneak in, Sally uses STV’s Household Pest Glue Trap from The Buzz. She said that she just leaves the trap by a door and feels reassured that her house is a spider-free zone. It has been the ideal solution for keeping spiders at bay.


So, what are you waiting for? Go to STV website: to find your essential spider protection so that you can Live Pest-Free with STV this season! Alternatively, if you have any tips on ridding your home of spiders and you think they are worth sharing then get in touch by emailing STV’s communications writer, Emily:

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