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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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How to heat your home more intelligently

How to heat your home more intelligently

With the cost of living increasing quickly and salaries not doing the same, it is important to tighten our belts in any way we can.

Energy costs are on the rise too, so we share a few of our top tips for heating your home more intelligently. These will allow you to save money and the environment whilst doing so.


Does your home have decent windows? Double-glazing helps to stop heat from escaping. Although it does not come cheap, this will add value to your property, reduce the amount of heating you require, and is a great long-term investment.

Every morning, ensure that your curtains are drawn back and blinds pulled up. The sun is a great form of heat energy, so make the most of it, as it’s free. What’s more, it is also much better for the environment to rely on natural sources. On an evening, when you no longer need to have the curtains open, make sure that they do not hang over a radiator. If this is the case, the heat will rise up and most of it will be trapped behind the curtain. This could mean that your room is much colder and you may turn up your thermostat unnecessarily, impacting on both your energy costs and the environment.

Room layout

If your sofa or armchair is too close to a radiator, this will absorb the heat. Consider adapting the layout of your rooms to make the most of your heating. Allowing the hot air to circulate will mean you benefit from the extra warmth.

Central heating

It is so tempting to get up on a morning and turn up the heating in a bid to warm up the house. In reality, this will do you no favours. Your central heating will not increase any quicker just because you have set it to a higher temperature. Investing in a timer for your system would be incredibly beneficial. Setting it for a short time before your morning alarm goes off allows you to get up on a morning more easily. Furthermore, try to have your thermostat set for around 18 degrees and wear an extra layer. This could save you a significant sum of money.

Try to have your central heating maintained on a regular basis to ensure it is working well. Pump Sales Direct’s central heating pumps ensure that hot water is pumped around the system effectively and efficiently. They adapt their performance depending on the demands of the system and are A-rated for energy.


Up to 25% of your property’s heat will be lost through its roof. It is recommended to install 25cm insulation in your attic to reduce heat wastage. It is also vital to consider the energy being lost through your walls. Up to a third of your heat can be lost this way if your home has no insulation. Although not an instant money saver, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are ways of saving on your heating bills.


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