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Iceni Magazine | January 16, 2021

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Staying fit and active during isolation

Staying fit and active during isolation

It would be easy to resign yourself to the fact that you are somewhat trapped at present and use this as an excuse to let your health and fitness goals go out of the window.

Ultimately, this will result in you needing to put in even more effort to regain your strength and fitness once this dreadful situation is over. Continue reading for our top tips on staying fit and active during isolation.


Current government guidelines mean that you are allowed to head out of your property and into public as long as you follow social distancing and only do so once a day. Walking is an excellent way of getting your heart pumping a little quicker. If you have a pet dog, it is likely you already have a few routes in mind, but be sure to avoid common ones and ones where you are faced with narrow gaps. If you have young children, take them along as they will be missing the exercise and freedom just as much as you. Many people have made and displayed rainbows in their windows, so you could look for those. Alternatively, breathe in the fresh air and marvel in the wonders of nature.



Now is not the time to be taking up a new form of fitness. However, for those of you who already run, there is no need to stop. Of course, as above with the walking, it is vital that you only do so safely and on your own or with members of your household.


Circuit training might sound hideous, but it can be fun, especially if you can rope in other members of your family. Grab whatever bits of fitness equipment you have hiding at the back of the garage or in the random bits and bobs drawer. Print off some circuits cards from the internet and there you have it. Simply (haha – nothing is ever easy when it comes to this!) do each activity for one minute and then have thirty seconds rest in between. Complete the circuit at least a couple of times.


There is a wealth of fitness-related apps available at the click of a button. Most have a free element with the option to buy more content or go beyond a certain point. Others require a purchase immediately. From Yoga to HIIT, there is something to meet everyone’s needs. Why not take you phone outside with you and practise yoga in your garden getting fresh air at the same time?


There is an absolute wealth of pre-recorded fitness videos on YouTube which are free to access. This could be the ideal opportunity to try something you ordinarily wouldn’t. From bokwa to boxercise, salsa dancing to yoga, you can find it all online.

Live Online Classes

In addition to pre-recorded videos on YouTube, some channels are also offering live videos. Joe Wicks, for example, has been very popular during this period of isolation so far and has become known as the nation’s PE teacher. However, there are a variety of other options available and not restricted to YouTube either. Some fitness sessions are broadcast via Facebook Live and others through apps such as Zoom. With Zoom, don’t be put off by the fact that others could potentially see and hear you, ruby red in the face, sweating and panting profusely. There are options to switch off your video and sound, allowing you to feel safe to pull whatever faces you like.


Move More

If the above all sound too much, there are still other ways in which you can move more around the house and garden. Get outside and do some gardening. The fresh air and sense of achievement will help you as well as the moving around. Walk up and down the stairs a few extra times rather than relying on someone else. If you are working from home, take phone calls whilst walking around rather than sitting back, relaxing in your work chair. You never know, it might make you more productive as a result; lethargy does not equate to efficient output.

Kate Darlow, founder of KLD Fitness, shares what she has been doing:

I’m not getting hung up on the number of hours I’m working out or the number of calories I’ve burnt. Exercise is helping me cope with isolation. I’m being flexible – joining in with the children, using tins of baked beans for bicep curls, bench pressing a small child (kidding!). It might not be a 10k run or a heavy weights session, but I’m moving!

If you’re missing the social interation, I would thoroughly recommend joining in with a virtual class. Yay – other adults! There are tons of Facebook lives and Zoom classes, ranging from Pilates, Zumba, HIIT to Les Mills. It’s all going on! Exercise, in whatever form, lifts your mood and energy levels.


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