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Iceni Magazine | August 12, 2022

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Stay Stylish at University with These Signature Pieces

Stay Stylish at University with These Signature Pieces

If you want to look good whilst walking the halls of university, purchasing a few signature pieces can help you to look your best both in class and outside of class.

With the right pieces, any outfit can look sophisticated and you can remain on-trend, despite living the student life. If you want to stay stylish at university, try investing in these signature pieces.


When traveling around university to classes, you will need to transport essentials such as laptops, notepads, and books. This means finding a bag that is unique to your style and big enough for the job. As you will always need a bag at university, spending the extra money on a bag that will last and looks great is the perfect investment for any student. SSENSE have some of the most sought after designer bags that will look great on the shoulder of any university student. A Fendi bag will make you look both chic and stylish whilst traveling to and from classes and there are plenty of larger styles for carrying around all your essentials.


One of the first things that people notice about you are your feet, meaning you need to find a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes for your time at university. Sneakers are one of the most popular choices at the moment for the younger generation and there are plenty of unique and quirky styles to choose from. Heels aren’t the best choice for traveling to and from classes but if you enjoy a heel, a pair of chunky boots can go well with any outfit.  


A great way to add a bit of extra style to any outfit is by choosing the right pair of eyeglasses. Many people need to wear eyeglasses, and this doesn’t need to be a burden. In fact, the right pair of eyeglasses that are suited to your face type can look great and become a statement fashion accessory in their own right. Some of the most sought-after fashion designers have their own eyeglasses collection, meaning you are spoilt for choice in this section. If your eyeglasses aren’t doing anything for your look and style, now is the time to change them.


If you can’t afford brand new outfits, finding a signature jacket can bring a new sense of style to all your outfits. Be sure to look for a style that suits your personality and current fashion sense to ensure that your new jacket will go well with all your outfits. Some of the most popular jacket trends at the moment include oversized, trench, and denim jackets. Just be sure to stay away from double denim, unless you feel brave enough to give it a go.

Being a student doesn’t mean you can’t look good and these signature pieces can all make a bold statement for your days in class. Even if you can’t afford new outfits, these pieces can bring your look together and make any outfit look more expensive than it is.


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