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Iceni Magazine | August 9, 2020

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Tips to kick-start a successful career in digital marketing

Tips to kick-start a successful career in digital marketing

Are you looking to foray into the digital marketing world?

Well, there is no better time than right now. With the increase in number of internet users and multitude of websites, digital marketing has become the need of the day in order to stay ahead of competitors to promote one’s stuff or services online.

It’s not only the users that have become tech savvy, but the companies too have adopted and embraced technology and web-based promotion methods in order to make their presence felt and known in the internet world where there is a sea-like competition and each person is striving to be ahead of others.

With an estimated 5 million increase in the internet users in the next couple of years, the need to be more advanced and be constantly up-to-date with the digital marketing techniques and strategies in order to keep up with the income and profits as well as the reputation of the company is on the rise.

With the rise in the internet users and internet-based marketing there is bound to be a upward surge in the demand for digital marketing professionals and this indicates that there will be a huge job opening and opportunities for people in the digital marketing field.

Hence, it is important for one to be pre-planned and prepared to reap when the opportunity arises.

Tips to kick-start a successful career in digital marketing

Digital marketing has got a stronghold in the marketing world with more and more companies trying to woo the potential customers online.

Follow us as we guide you on how you can be prepared for the digital marketing surge.

  • Find the specialization of your choice

The digital marketing world is elephantine with a multitude of channels, media and such that need to work together to reach out to the potential customers. The field is so vast and covers so many roles and positions that make it easy for you to choose the role you want to play based on your skills and interest. The positions in the digital marketing field can be

  • Digital marketing executive
  • Social media marketing executive
  • Content executive
  • copywriter
  • Conversion Rate Optimization specialist
  • SEO expert
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Inbound marketing executive
  • Email marketing executive
  • Campaign executive
  • Graphic designer
  • Learn, learn and learn

Stepping into digital marketing world without proper guidance can be like entering a maze without the map, quite confusing. There are so many components such as Social media marketing, SEO, Content based marketing, mobile phone marketing, copywriting, and such that you might get confused as to what to specialize in.

There are rules for every aspect and you need to understand that for every product same principles don’t apply. What works for one, does not necessarily work for another.

Training with provide you with guidance by the experts and an in-depth knowledge of each component and aspect and how each one of them work or don’t work in the real world. You are prepared enough to plan, prepare and execute promotional programs and campaigns for companies in order to lead them to the forefront.

There are certification and training available for each aspect of the digital marketing that will help you overcome the conventional barriers while foraying into this field. For instance, you want to specialize in SEO, there are many SEO Training & Certification courses available, both online and institution based.

  • Be in the pulse of the latest happenings in the digital world

Digital marketing world is ever-evolving and updating itself to be in par with the pace at which the internet is developing. Unlike most other careers where the foundation and the basic principles remain unchanged over the period of time, digital marketing is constantly on the move; moving from one strategy to another as the attention span of the potential clients is quite small and the customers require something new from the company.

The skills, methods and processes of the digital world keep changing and so does the requirement of a company who is hiring digital marketers. Thus, it is quite important for a candidate who is stepping into the digital marketing arena to keep up with the emerging trends and fads. In simpler words, one who doesn’t keep up with the trends gets lost in the crowd. There are a number of blogs and internet channels that help in keeping up with the trends and updating your knowledge of the field.

  • Build strong network

In the world of digital marketing it is important to be connected to the right people, thereby, making networking quite important. It is important to have a good network and the best way to connect with more and more people is through social media platforms which connects more people than we can imagine.

Reach out to people and be sure to advertise your work and success stories in order to let people know of your skills and talent. This will help companies to have evidence and samples of your work and also, assure them of your capabilities of handling digital marketing campaigns.

  • Reach out

Best way for you to bring yourself to the forefront is to reach out to people by voicing out your opinions on the current trends and understanding their response to your opinions. Blogging is the best way to reach out to people and voicing out. Blogs help you tell people of your achievements as well as educate them on the current trends and topics that are hot in the market. This tells people of your knowledge and willingness to reach out to them.

  • Gather experience

As they say, start small. Don’t expect a leap in your career graph right at the first step. It is important to gather experience and knowledge and build your resume and portfolio with internship projects, freelance projects, individual projects and such. It never hurts to start from down and move up the ladder; you move up the ladder with experience and knowledge.

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