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Iceni Magazine | June 25, 2024

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Smart Ways To Earn Money Without Leaving Your Couch

smart ways to earn

If you are anything like me, the value of a hard day’s work for a fair day’s pay was instilled in you at a very early age.

Indeed, the idea of making money without having to peel yourself from the sofa may be one that you just can’t believe is true. The funny thing is that is it though. We’ll even give you some suggestions on how to make money from your own living room. Keep reading to find out what they are.

App development

One of the most rewarding ways to earn money from your own front room is to develop and monetise an app. Of course, most people that do this have coding and design experience. Although, if you have an idea that is good enough and some funding you can outsource the technical side of things.

Then all you will need to do is market the app, and sit back and the profits roll in. Indeed, there are several ways to monetise an app including asking customers to pay to download it. Alternatively, you can opt for the in-app purchase system, which means users need to pay for extra features.


Another smart way to make money from your couch is to invest. Investing covers a wide range of financial assets and products from stocks and shares, as well as bonds, futures, and even forex. Just be sure to do your research into which the top prop trading firms are before, to gain a better understanding of their trading strategy.

Indeed, in particular, Forex Trading can be particularly profitable, because of the large fluctuations in values seen between different currents even on a single day. Although, to help you maximize any profits you will want to choose a service that offers fast trades, as timing really is everything when it comes to investing.

As well as concentrating on the near future, consider looking at what is likely to happen in the future. Continue to do your research thoroughly, the internet can be a fantastic way to collate news and the research of experts. Many experts spend their time online analysing the performance of stock, with many adopting a 5 year model. Because of this information being freely accessible you can easily find a tesla stock price prediction 2025 (or a price prediction for another company you’re interested in). Being up to date can allow you to make investments early to fully reap the rewards, it also means that you are on top of any changes in the market and can adjust accordingly.

Being a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is also a way you can make some good money without ever having to leave your couch. A virtual assistant is someone that does a range of tasks for their others, so their clients can focus on tasks that provide the most value to their enterprises.

The types of tasks you can expect to be given as a virtual assistant include audio typing, data entry, research, emailing, booking travel and appointments, as well as a variety of social media and content tasks such as writing posts for blogs or websites.

Offering your skills as a freelancer

Las of all, if you have skills in a particular area (or if you are willing to learn some) you may wish to work from your own couch as a freelancer. Freelancers tend to work on a project basis and interact with a variety of clients that need their services.

To gain clients you can use job boards or freelancing sites. However,  where possible securing a word of mouth recommendation is likely to be the best approach. With that in mind, incentivising previous clients with money off their next project when they refer you to someone else can be a great way of maximising your income, without ever having to get up off the couch!

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