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Iceni Magazine | December 3, 2020

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Simple Light Therapy Clock

Could Save 1 In 3 Poor Sleepers from Serious Medical Conditions

A mix of early starts, late nights and weekend lie-ins can get your sleep routine out of sync, causing you to suffer from insomnia and sleep phase disorders such as waking up too early or poor quality sleep. 

The affordable Sunrise Clock might be the solution to your sleeping problems.  This clever alarm clock which uses light therapy can synchronise the body clock and stimulate the brain cells to produce sleep or wakefulness hormones at the right time.  

Simple Light

This Sunrise Clock from can help to give you a sunrise signal in the morning, helping those who struggle to get to sleep at night by setting the body’s natural rhythms earlier. 

The sunrise clock lights up and gradually 0-60 minutes before your alarm is set, waking you gently, helping you to be ready for the day. The clock also helps by waking you up to the sound of birdsong, waves, or if you prefer, the standard alarm tone, as well as 7 other sounds. 

By using light therapy you can help to fix your completely irregular sleep pattern, stabilising it by exposure to bright light cues in the morning.

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