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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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Making Pillows Personal – Design The Perfect Night’s Sleep With Nanu

Design The Perfect Night’s Sleep With Nanu

You can now create your own perfect sleep experience with the first personalised pillow from nanu.

The unique product allows restless sleepers to create a pillow that is tailored to their needs, ensuring a perfect sleep for even the worse insomniacs.

Everyone sleeps differently and using the wrong pillow can make sleep worse. A pillow must be able to support the neck and back properly to avoid stiffness. Remember the comfier you are, the quicker you’ll drift off to sleep!

Design your perfect pillow via the nanu website by answering a series of questions about your sleeping habits. Using your height and weight measurements, together with the sleep preference and softness indicator, the information is used in an algorithm, making the right adjustments to create the perfect pillow for your needs.

Design The Perfect Night’s Sleep With Nanu

As well as being super soft and allergen free, nanu pillows are also filled with recycled materials from plastic bottles. Every nanu stops 20 plastic bottles going to landfill, meaning your pillow is environmentally friendly without compromising on premium comfort.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include stress reduction, memory improvement, lowered blood pressure, improving mood, keeps the heart healthy and make you smarter.

The Nanu personalised pillow costs £30, or two for £50, and is available online at Would you pay 8p per night for the perfect sleep?

The pillow includes free delivery, free returns, a two-year guarantee and a 30-night free trial.

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