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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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The importance of hobbies in the 21st century

The importance of hobbies in the 21st century

Life for most of us is hectic. At work, we are required to work ever longer hours for the same rewards, and the rise of the smartphone and social media means that it’s harder than ever to find a little space and some “me time”.

However, that can be a problem. It is all too easy to find that your spare time is squeezed out, leaving you with little opportunity to recharge your batteries or wind down. This in turn can lead to health problems, stress and relationship issues.

As many of us find it hard to set time aside, one solution to this is to start a hobby. With so many demands on our time, it can be tough sometimes to justify taking time out. However, having a defined hobby means that you will find it easier to tell your loved ones that you need a little time to yourself, and will give you a definite and constructive way to engineer more time for yourself. 

Health as a hobby

One of the best areas in which to look for a hobby is health and fitness. Instead of treating the imperative to live a healthier lifestyle as a punishment, why not find a health and fitness activity that you enjoy, whether that is playing for a local football team, ballroom dancing, Pilates classes, or just going for a long walk? By making healthy pursuits your hobby, you will be boosting your physical wellbeing at the same time as carving out time for yourself to unwind. 

Get into gaming

Many of us watch television to unwind, but this can often be a passive activity, so one alternative is to take up some form of gaming. This can be anything from chess and Ludo to the latest video game. The exciting part about the latter is that there’s a limitless supply of games to play and customise. This means that online gamers are able to invest in items like DMA cards such as the ones found here: These will allow you to change certain aspects of some games, allowing you to enjoy a brand new experience for some of your favourite titles. This is certainly a level of excitement that you just can’t get with board games!

You may even find a local gaming club that gets together regularly to enjoy their favourite board games, possibly even games that give you money. The advantage of gaming as a hobby is that many of the most popular games are available for free, whether you’re looking for free slot games or role-playing adventures.

Learn a language

Learning a language can seem daunting, but modern technology has come to the rescue for those of us who can’t face poring over textbooks for hours at a time. In fact, there are many apps out there – a lot of them free to use – that enable you to learn a language at your own pace, through your mobile device. The benefits of learning a language are considerable. It won’t just enable you to interact with a new group of people – it can also help boost confidence and stimulate the brain. 


Technological change is supposed to free up more leisure time, yet many of us find ourselves with less free time than ever. Fight back against your crowded schedule by taking up a hobby that will be both stimulating and give you the essential break you need to function at your best.

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