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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Run Iceni Run – Back on it!

Run Iceni Run Back on it!

Long time, no hear (you’re probably thinking!).

You’re right though; it has been a while. After my marathon, I continued to run. But without a goal in mind, I was just plodding on and didn’t feel I had much to share.

The lockdown happened. Running became my one opportunity to escape during the day. The more I felt it was my only option, the more I felt somewhat frustrated with it.

Being stuck inside, not willing to attempt Joe Wicks with the kids, the inevitable weight gain occurred. Both Vicki and I decided that we would try to do a challenge consisting of press ups, sit ups, planks and squats. I printed it out and pinned it to the fridge. It remained there for a long time, highlighted only up to day 6.

A few weeks ago, Vicki excitedly came to tell me that she had booked us both in for a month’s worth of PT sessions. She had entered a competition and, as a result, received a discounted rate. I nodded my head despite my head really saying, “No way!” However, without saying a word, it suddenly came round to the morning we would be meeting Jack outside the gym (they still weren’t allowed to open at this point). We filled out our Par-Q forms and did the weigh in, including fat and muscle figures. Jack then gave us a short taster of what was to come during the next few sessions.

From tyre flips to box jumps, barbell deadlifts to hellish planks, we have completed a very wide range of activities. Some, I love; others, I detest. However, we both just get on with it (with an added extra of swearing, sweating and, “I hate these!” thrown in for good measure).

Last week, we had our four-week stats taken. Weight loss negligible, but we have both lowered our body fat and gained muscle. Time to attack the diet side of things now!

I must also add that I have restarted the fridge challenge and am hating it but doing it anyway. Running-wise, I am taking part in a 5k a day challenge for August. Vicki is struggling with her asthma, so she is doing a mile a day.

Overall, I am really enjoying getting stuck into this exercise lark. I never thought anything could replace running… ask me again in a couple of months!

Current status:  in a relationship with the washing machine (most days, we have at least two sets of exercise gear each to wash!)


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