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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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Romantic Bedroom Décor Ideas You and Your Partner Will Love

Romantic Bedroom Décor

Is your bedroom décor looking a little stale? Does it leave a lot to be desired in the romance department?

Interestingly, when we decide to make decorative changes to our living spaces, bedroom décor is often overlooked, meaning the more practical rooms in the home such as your bathroom and kitchen get all the attention.

By updating your bedroom décor with you and your partner in mind, you can inject a little extra romance into your relationship, and make your bedroom a place for relaxation, rest and intimacy. In this post, we’ll explore some romantic bedroom décor ideas you and your partner will love, read on to find out more.

Put Your Relationship on Display

If you’re going to display photos and memories in your bedroom, make sure that they’re only pictures of you and your partner. A collection of beautiful photos that show how far you’ve come as a couple and the happiest moments of your life will set the tone and atmosphere of your room. If you want to display them a little differently, why not create a feature wall of your favourite memory with wood photo prints? These beautifully designed wooden planks fit together to bring your images to life. The perfect homage to your relationship and a simple, but effective way to increase the romance.

Consider Removing Distractions

Whether you’ve had a long day at work and you’re hoping to relax and unwind, or you and your partner want to spend some uninterrupted time together after a day apart, removing the distractions in your bedroom will make this much easier to achieve. Getting rid of the TV, laptop, even smart devices and phones is essential and improving the look and feel of your bedroom décor. You might have created a beautiful feature wall and added all your photographs, but an overbearing wall-mounted TV will only look out of place.

Lighting is Key

Overhead pendant lamps only create shadows and aren’t doing the décor in your bedroom any romantic favours. To create the right atmosphere, play around with the lighting, candles on the bedside tables, fairy lights over your headboard or standing lamps can create an intimate and romantic ambience within your bedroom.

Update Your Bedding

If you’re decorating on a budget, then something as simple as updating your bedding can make a huge difference to the romance within your bedroom. Luxury sheets made of cotton, silk or sateen will certainly make you want to get closer in the bedroom. Don’t forget to refresh your pillows and buy new if they’re a little worse for wear. Decorating your bed with layers of comfort including cushions, throws, and blankets can make cuddling up together inevitable! 

Be Minimalist

When rooms are crammed full of bulky furniture, it can make any room feel small and, in the bedroom, it can seriously damage your plans for romance. Assess which pieces of furniture are necessary for your bedroom, and consider reducing your clutter so you don’t need as many items. Minimalistic décor in the bedroom removes distractions and helps you to focus on each other.

Final Thoughts…

Updating your bedroom décor with romance in mind can help you rediscover spending time with each other and make each other a priority again. Follow the tips above to get started.

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