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Iceni Magazine | June 3, 2020

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Private Jets Could Threaten Commercial Airlines

Private Jets Could Threaten Commercial Airlines

Even if you are a seasoned traveller – whether you love to explore or travel frequently for business purposes – flying can be stressful.

From the check-in process and long lines at security, to being jammed into an uncomfortable seat and having to wait for your luggage, flying on a commercial airline is not always the most relaxing experience. However, there is another option: private jets.

Benefits of Private Charter

Chartering a private jet offers passengers many benefits, including:

  • The use of smaller airports in more convenient locations
  • No check-in – simply arrive and fly
  • Privacy in a luxurious and comfortable environment
  • Better hospitality and service

You may think that these benefits are out of your price range, but this is not necessarily true. The industry now offers more competitive pricing, allowing more people to fly privately, and challenging the major commercial airlines. You just need to know how…

Empty Leg Flights

An empty leg flight is simply a return journey without passengers. This represents a loss to the company, who must still pay wages and fuel costs. As such, empty leg flights can be a real bargain.

Some companies, like Vista Jet, offer large discounts on empty leg flights. This means that when travelling as a group and splitting the price, it could cost each flyer less than the equivalent commercial ticket.

Individual Seat Bookings

Depending on the company, some in the private jet industry offer tickets for individual seats, as opposed to chartering an entire flight. This makes flying privately a more realistic prospect, as majority simply cannot afford to charter a flight alone.

However, this does mean passengers are unable to choose their exact departure and arrival points, so this saving does come with some compromise.

Subscription Services

Subscription business models have revolutionised the way we watch TV or book a taxi. Now, a handful of companies have launched a subscription service for private jet charter.

Perfect for frequent flyers, these services allow passengers to fly as many times as they like within a month, for a set subscription cost. This could save regular flyers a small fortune and as such, could undercut commercial airlines.

As a whole, the cost of chartering a private jet is not yet able to beat commercial prices, however, these methods can result in big savings. In addition, the market is becoming more competitive, using new business models that are transforming the industry. So, who knows? Maybe you could soon be flying privately, too.


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