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Iceni Magazine | January 28, 2022

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Cut To The Chase

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Meet possibly the only pair of scissors you’ll ever need.

From opening bottles, cracking nuts, crushing garlic and even cutting meat on the bone, the AnySharp Multi 5 in 1 Scissors have it all. Hugely versatile, they are much more than just your average pair of scissors!

Wave goodbye to your average pair of scissors, presenting the AnySharp Multi 5 in 1 Scissors, here is pair you can rely on! Make light work of many tasks with the world’s smartest scissors. Using a superior tempered steel blade, you can be reassured that your scissors will stay sharper for longer, while the adjustable tension allows you to keep tightening them up for years to come.

The blade isn’t just superior in quality either, as the curved design helps to keep your hands further away from what you’re cutting, so that no accidents can happen, making it easier to get into the most difficult and awkward of places. The soft touch handles provide a super comfy grip, after all there is nothing worst than an uncomfortable pair of scissors. Helping to ease pain, ideal for those who struggle with weaker hands or painful wrists perfect for both left and right handed users.


If you’re buying a multi-functional pair of scissors, you want to know that while it has all these other fantastic extras does it still provide you with a perfect cut every time? And the answer is yes, and better than ever! As the razor sharp blades can cut through everything from paper, to carpet to chicken bones. It’s the multipurpose scissors for your kitchen, office, home or workshop, is there nothing these scissors can’t do? Amazing at so many jobs you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

The AnySharp Multi 5 in 1 Scissors available from Amazon for £14.99.

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