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Iceni Magazine | September 18, 2020

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Perfect Storage Solutions for Commercial Premises


If you are seeking a commercial storage solution, then a locker is the most secure way to store items without using up a great deal of space.

You can set up lockers that will meet your specific purposes, with as many as eight locker doors featured per unit.

A Basic Overview of the Metal Locker

Lockers are often used for apparel, such as uniforms, or to house important study notes or papers. Each of the units, regardless of the locker size, is typically divided into equally apportioned compartments. Whilst a key-operated lock is the standard form of security, other locking alternatives are featured as well.

When you are considering a purchase of metal lockers, you need to review such components as quality, security, comfort and efficiency. Double-plated doors for metal lockers, for instance, enhance the security and durability of each unit. Look for metal lockers that do not display sharp edges and that convey a modern appearance.Thieves often can break out the corners of locker doors that do not feature a quality design or premium materials.

Locker units should be protected with continuous door stops that highlight a double-sided design as well. A security padlock, which is usually standard, makes it possible to lock and store items without the worry that they will be taken when they are not in use.

Locker Ventilation

When you choose quality metal lockers, the system of ventilation is usually natural. Premium metal lockers are made so the air streams up and down within the locker compartment. The shelf inside the unit, the upper plinth and the bottom space are all perforated. Premium metal lockers also can be equipped with such accessories as glass, hooks, a tray designed for holding shoes, etc. The holes in metal locker doors and on the sides of the interior permit the use of these kinds of accessories.

In addition, metal lockers usually come with plastic feet as the norm. Therefore, the metal parts will not come into contact with a wet floor, thereby preventing any kind of rust or corrosive activity. Whilst lockers can be used to store a broad range of items, they are particularly well-suited for maintaining items that would be too difficult to store in compartments that are made of non-metal materials. Metal lockers are usually used in locations where they will not be switched out for many years.

Private and Secure Storage Solutions

Metal lockers offer users with more in the way of privacy and space – critical attributes in today’s security-conscious world. You can choose from single-tier and double-tier models, each of which is used in the workplace, at schools or in colleges. The box-styled units may also feature as many as six tiers of units.

Storage lockers made of metal are usually constructed with 16-gauge steel and are often ideal for areas that contain only a limited amount of space. To make the units even more space-efficient, a coat rod is placed inside the mid-section of a cabinet. Including this kind of rod makes it convenient to hang apparel without, again, taking up added space. You can see examples of these kinds of cabinets when you look at the offerings presented by such companies as

As you can see, the traditional metal locker is still an ideal way for commercial and institutional establishments to make the most of their areas whilst offering secure storage for clients or users. If you are seeking a storage solution that is both dependable and safe, then you won’t really find any other type of storage source that is as reliable and secure.

Article by Lauren Williamson

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