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Iceni Magazine | January 16, 2021

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Key challenges to think about when moving office

Key challenges to think about when moving office

Relocating to a new office is sometimes inevitable for a growing business.

There are various factors such as space and location which may compel a company to move. Whatever the motivation, moving to a new office shouldn’t interrupt normal business operations.

A company needs to conduct thorough research in to the potential new office to ensure that the merits of moving to the new surrounding outweigh the demerits. Otherwise, the need to move again to a better office will arise sooner than anticipated. The following factors need to be considered as you prepare to go to a new office.

Office Location

Your new office should be in a place which is easy to access by both your employees and clients. Having an office which is situated far from the main road may discourage many customers from visiting your company whilst it could also become hectic for employees. The office location should also have ample and free parking for both the staff and clients

Employees Convenience

Employees are a core element in any business and need to be considered during an office relocation. Choosing an office location far away from the initial space may compel workers to move to the nearest town for travelling convenience.

Whilst looking for an office space, you should consider where the employees live and prior arrangements made to relocate them if need be. Having an office far from the initial employees’ living areas may lead to lateness when reporting for their duties due to traffic jams and bad weather.

Office Space

When choosing an office, space should be one of the primary considerations as well as whether the office fitout is of a high standard or not. The size of the office should be compatible with the tasks that are going to be taking place within it.

A firm may choose to relocate to a smaller office for various reasons, such as having employees who work online from their homes or outsourced work. Alternatively, a bigger office may be needed if the company is expanding and more employees are needed. A top office fitout

Time Factor

Office relocation may be a hectic and time-consuming task especially when the company is large. Prior planning should be made to ensure that the time taken to relocate to the new office is at a minimum to reduce any chances of stalling the business operations.

All necessary measures should be considered by ensuring that relevant professionals are tasked with planning and organising. The new office whilst others are available to transport office equipment safely and securely.

Cost of the Office

As a company, you should ensure that your financial financial situation allows you to comfortably pay for the rent to avoid closure.

The terms of leasing of the premises should also be friendly and all the paper work should be done professionally to avoid eviction by going against the government policies. In cases where the company is not able to lease a particular office space for many years and opts to pay on a monthly basis.

An agreement should be reached with the property-owner regarding the exact date when the rent should be paid.Β 

Infrastructure Availability

The location of an office should be within proximity of internet connectivity and communication service providers. For a standard operating office, communication within the office should be top-notch for easier communication with the employees and clients.

A stable internet provider should also be available in the area for research purposes, online communication with customers and advertising. A firm which focuses on online business may find it hard achieving its goal due to a slow internet connection and consistent network downtime.

Power for running machinery should also be reliable and provisions made to ensure that operations are not interrupted when there is a power outage.


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