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Iceni Magazine | January 23, 2021

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Got into Lockout Trouble -what to do?


When You’re Locked Out, Getting Back In Is The Key

At least once in your lifetime, everyone will find themselves locked out. Finding out you’ve been locked out can be a nightmare, calling in a professional can make a huge difference. He or she may have lost their keys or simply locked themselves out of their home, office, or vehicle without a spare. A professional can handle an emergency lockout scenario, ensure no property damage, and/or repair or replace your keys. A certified locksmith can handle many of your lockout scenarios, guaranteed. However, proper preparation can avoid the anxiety, time, and costs of being locked out.

Preparation For A Lockout:

  1. Home/Apartment Never leave your keys in obvious places like under a flower pot or the door seal (these are the first places a burglar will look). Try putting your keys under a bush, buried lightly (check them periodically to make sure the rain or a pet hasn’t brought them to the surface). In fact, having a spare set with a neighbor can save you tremendous time and stress.
  2. Office It is never recommended that you break into your business or office (these are the methods a burglar will use to break-in to your establishment). Have a spare set of keys in your car, around the building, or with a trusted employee.
  3. Vehicle Automobile lockouts are the most frequent locksmith emergencies calls. However, this can be avoided by having another set of keys secured above your tires or any metal part of your vehicle. A magnetic key holder will allow individuals to stick their keys to any metal fragment of their vehicle. In the event, that you’ve been locked out, a spare set of keys are located on your vehicle. Never allow your friends or family to use the old hanger trick. This can cause damage to your wiring and/or permanent damage to your locks. In the end, a hanger may end up costing you more money.

Why Call A Professional?

A locksmith is trained and certified to assist with an emergency lockout. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (and holidays). Often times, the price is reasonable and you’ll never have to worry about damage to your home, office or vehicle. They can get you back in your vehicle or home in under 30 minutes. The only thing you’ve lost is a little time. (Always make sure they are certified and bonded with a land based business). Avoid using a nonprofessional locksmith and have your home, office or vehicle burglarised. Ask to see their credentials before you allow a locksmith to do any work.

Furthermore, a certified locksmith can help you get into your safe, locker, or bike lock. You’ll never know when the need for a locksmith will arise. Having one handy when you need them is important. Build a relationship with a certified locksmith company for future incidences. Check to see if you can pay in advance, how much it will cost, policy information, and response time.

It may seem like breaking a window or breaking the door down is the best thing to do under the pressure of being locked out, but it can cost you more money in the long run and encourage other people to use to the same method to enter your home, office, and/or vehicle, to acquire your belongings. A certified locksmith, like, is highly recommended for any situation involving someone being locked out. Doing it yourself or allowing someone else, without preparation can be costly and cause unnecessary damages to your property and/or locks. Call a certified locksmith when you’re locked out and get back in, fast.

Article By Lauren Williamson

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