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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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Norfolk UK Online Bingo

Norfolk UK Online Bingo

Brits are in no way shy about expressing their love and affection for bingo.

To highlight that, there are 3.5 million online bingo players in the country, which is around 18% of the country have made this game one of their favourite hobbies! If you break it down further, 2/3 of those players are women, and 1/3 are men.

The beautiful rural county of Norfolk has an extra special love for the popular game, with a huge following both for the traditional form and online. We are going to see why bingo is so widely loved throughout the county, and what the future looks like for the game. 

Quality – Attracts!

Since online bingo first burst onto the scene, it has consistently updated its image in order to reach out to fresh audiences and to keep up with technological advancements. Thanks to online brands like double bubble bingo, there has been a fundamental change to the image in which bingo projects. Previously, you could say that bingo targeted a much older audience than it does today.

Before online bingo cemented a place in the people of Norfolk’s daily lives, it was retail bingo operators that held the strongest position. Bongo’s Bingo is well known in the Norfolk bingo community with its numerous venues, and Mecca Bingo, which can be found in Norwich, has 10,000 Facebook followers and is known to draw in crowds of 800 or more on a night. This venue has been dubbed ‘the luckiest bingo hall in Norfolk’, after two lucky punters managed to land the National Bingo Game jackpot win of £50,000 in 2019, just 4 months apart!

At the time, Janette McCracken, branch manager, mentioned how the locals reacted to the incredible wins, and told how the popularity of the game rapidly grew in the area on the back of these wins. The result is that now we see the culture of bingo attracts every age range, with different themes and promotions, and with a great number of bingo variants, it’s clear to see that bingo can appeal to anyone.     

The Convenience of Online Bingo

With all the possibilities of connecting to an online bingo operator, It couldn’t be more convenient than it is today. Providing that you are connected to the internet, and have a device on hand – you can play bingo. Laptops, tablets, desktops, and mobile devices are all ways in which you can connect to a game. Games will be available 24 hours a day, meaning you can literally have a game wherever you are, and at any time of the day!

Not Forgetting the Roots of Bingo

There is something about traditional bingo that just can’t be replicated and it is so important for the whole of the bingo industry – the hurry to dab your card, the amusing bingo caller, the social aspect and the tense atmosphere in the hall. Norfolk is home to several quality bingo halls, and these play a key part in the growth of the game for both online and offline. Quite simply, those going to a bingo hall will undoubtedly love the experience, and they will then go home wanting more action, and so they will look for it online.

It’s Easy to Understand Why Norfolk Loves Bingo So Much

If you factor in all the above – the flexibility, big jackpot chances, the tradition, the popularity – it would be more surprising if Norfolk didn’t love bingo! This country could be considered a perfect environment for bingo to thrive. Bingo in Norfolk is in a very healthy position and hopefully it will continue to be for many more years to come.

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