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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2022

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Four of the Most Common Hobbies Brits Took Up in 2020

Most Common Hobbies Brits Took Up

We’ve all learned an awful lot about ourselves in the last 12 months, and perhaps most intriguingly is the new discoveries we’ve had when it comes to our hobbies.

For one, thousands upon thousands of city folk who had never put on a pair of hiking boots in their life discovered a love of walking, while many of us have found our green fingers, oven gloves, and more as we look for things to keep ourselves entertained.

But what are the hobbies Brits have taken up most frequently during 2020 and moving into this new year…


Sewing machines and kits were in high demand over the summer and were virtually sold out during the Christmas period in stores across the UK, as many looked to get crafty and enjoy a bit of sewing.

It was one of a host of more nostalgic pastimes which became incredibly popular and to this day still is as people look to make things such as bunting, artwork, and even their own facemasks.


While the bingo halls may be closed in many parts of the world, that hasn’t stopped millions of people logging on to enjoy a game or two. It’s so easy to download the best bingo app these days, and Brits are doing so in their numbers as they look to enjoy a virtual game of 90-ball while a trip to the local hall is on hold.

During the height of Spring last year, the number of bingo players at some bingo sites was up by a third, and the bingo boom has only continued into 2021 as players continue to seek entertainment from the comfort of their own sofa.


For others, the couch is a no-go area though and the couch to 5k challenge has seen a huge increase in new recruits. Running is one of the only forms of exercise available to many, but it’s a bug that has certainly been catching, and you can bet your bottom dollar the number of applicants for the likes of the London Marathon will hit record numbers over the next few years.

Running, as well as other forms of exercise, is proven to be good for stress levels and anxiety, so it’s been a key part of the daily routine for many to keep themselves mentally strong during the last year. In fact, one in seven admitted that running had helped them deal with stress since March 2020, with brands such as the Kilometre Club recording record levels of interest from keen runners, while sales at sports outlets increased by as much as 200% on running trainers.


Banana bread was the go-to bake of 2020 and we’ve certainly become a nation of bakers. Sales at Tesco for loaf tins were up more than 100% and baking tins by more than 60% on last year and we’re all beginning to turn into budding Mary Berrys. Soda bread and cakes have also become hugely popular, while the demand for local produce has also increased with people looking to spend at their local bakery rather than supermarkets according to reports.


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