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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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How using video wall as digital marketing can be beneficial to a business

How using video wall as digital marketing can be beneficial to a business

The decision to use a video wall as digital marketing is a big decision for any businesses.

In today’s ever-changing environment, technology plays a crucial role, particularly for businesses and marketing. It may be a large mission but worth every penny invested. If your business is relying on older, more traditional marketing methods, then it might be time to consider how newer technology can help you to reach new audiences.

According to the Future Markets Insight report on global industry analysis (2012-2016) the digital age has compelled businesses to come up with advances that will cater to the needs of technology-savvy consumers. Video walls are increasingly being used in advisement. This is expected to intensify in the future.

Below, are some of the key benefits that a video wall will bring to your business.

  1. Increase in sales and customer experience You may want a website that primarily focuses on your clientele. You increase your opportunity to grow your enterprise and boom income. This will increase your recognition through reviews and clients will have confidence in the products that you are selling. Video walls become your 24-7 salespeople.

Take as much time as possible to grow your sales niche. Put up the videos on your website and your conversion site. The effect of this is that it will drive customers through the sales process. It’s a great way for clients to interact with your brand and thus it creates a brand presence. It will be a plus if it’s you in front of the camera. Customers are able to see who you are, what you stand for, what you want to accomplish and how you can help them. Videos also rank highly on google and YouTube. By building your content videos, you are in return building trust in your customers and loyalty. The same customers will want to work with you in the future and referring others.

  1. Effective corporate communication Video walls seamlessly present your information in an enormous attractive way. Businesses and corporate establishments are more and more using video walls for effective communication. A video wall will combine real-time data from different sources to transmit information to the targeted audience. 3 Streamlining business processes Video walls allow you to automate business processes by integrating systems. From customer service to sales and marketing, it makes it easier for businesses to rely on technology for service delivery.
  2. Collaboration between business stakeholders A video wall may have a multi-touch surface that delivers a unique interaction between staff, clients and other stakeholders. It brings a different kind of social interaction considering the fact that the internet can be assessed even through handheld gadgets like phones and tablets.
  3. Security management – should a business find itself in a security threat, a video wall may be just what it needs to manage the situation. It allows the security personnel to capture security threats and mitigate the risks going forward.

In conclusion, video walls have proved to be an effective tool that combines the ideas of performance with usability. They have the capability of producing the wow factor for getting you all important marketing message across.


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