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Iceni Magazine | June 25, 2024

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How to Find The Best Storage Units

How to Find The Best Storage Units

If you live in a crowded city, there is a possibility that your home is filled with more items than you have space for.

Most of these might have sentimental value to you so discarding them might be out of the question, nevertheless, you need to invest in more space to avoid clusters.

Self-storage units are a great option for people who need more space. It is perfect for those who live in small cramped apartments and would like to declutter their home, garage, or basement without having the hassle of selling their items. Local self-storage facilities can enable you to store items until they are needed again or until there is an opportunity to sell them at a profit.

There are many benefits that come with using self-storage facilities including convenience, safety,  affordability,  and flexibility. Rental companies around the country provide a variety of storage units, so you need to consider different factors before renting one. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to find the best storage units for your needs.

1.   What Type Of Storage Do I Need?

There are largely two types of storage you can rent, full-service storage and self-storage. Full-service storage companies offer a more hands-on approach to storage than the latter.

Their mode of operation involves picking up their clients’ items, labeling, keeping an inventory, and packaging. As the name implies, the company fully takes care of your items.

A cheaper and more popular alternative is self-storage where the customers deliver their items to the storage unit themselves and are responsible for organizing their items in the storage unit.

2.   What Size of Storage Unit Do I Need?

Many self-storage companies offer various storage unit options ranging from 5 x 5 ft to 10 x 20 ft or even bigger. One way to find the best storage unit is to determine the size you need. This would most likely depend on the number of items you need to store.

Before you decide on the number, read the Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself for Easier (and Faster) Wardrobe Decluttering

Sorting your belongings before bringing them to the storage facility will save you time and frustration later. Boxes or bins that are stackable can help you maximize vertical storage spaces. In addition, you can label each box and create a master list to find what you need quickly.

3.   What Type of Goods Do You Need To Store?

Not all items should be stored the same way to avoid damage. You should be mindful when storing bedroom furniture, electronics, clothes or linens, antiques, etc, as these might be more susceptible to damage. Climate controlled storage Lawrence KS, and wherever it is you may be, ensure that your belongings are protected from changing temperatures.

This is because the temperature inside the unit is set to a specific level and is not allowed to drop below that. It also means that your furniture will not be damaged by mold or pests if they’re stored in an environment with high humidity.

4.   Is The Storage Unit Easily Accessible?

Consider the location while deciding on a storage unit that meets your needs. The longer it takes to get what you need, the less inclined you are to use it. Find a storage facility near you that can be easily accessed 24hrs a day.

5.   How Secure is the Storage Unit?

The safety of the items you’re storing should be of utmost priority as they can be at risk of being stolen or damaged. It is also important to know that if you need to make a late-night trip to pick up an item, you’ll be secure while you’re there. In addition, look for a storage unit capable of accommodating all your belongings. It should have 24-hour surveillance, security personnel, self storage gate access, alarms, and emergency alert systems. 


Storage facilities provide a place to store personal belongings and other items. The units are rented for a short or long-term period. To find the best storage facilities, there are different factors to consider, such as type of storage, available space, accessibility, and location. 

Storage units can be secured with locks and sometimes require passcodes for extra security. The safety features of a storage unit include video surveillance, metal grating, security gates, and code access control, which require fingerprint or card swipes.

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