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Iceni Magazine | June 25, 2024

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How to Look after your Kitchen Appliances Properly

How to Look after your Kitchen Appliances Properly

Everybody wants their appliances to last as long as possible.

Unfortunately, many appliances end up malfunctioning due to negligence. And in some cases, users are simply unaware of how to care for their appliances the right way. In this article, we’re going to give you a few simple maintenance tips that will extend the lifespan of your kitchen appliances.

Clean your Refrigerator’s Coils

If your fridge suddenly stops working on a hot summer day, then chance are the coils have something to do with it. Too many people neglect their fridge’s coils while some aren’t even aware that they exist.

The coils play an essential role in your refrigerator’s heat release process and when they are clogged with dust and dirt, the fridge can end up overheating. Over time, a coil that isn’t cleaned regularly will force the fridge’s compressor to work harder than it should and shorten its lifespan.

All you have to do is remove the lower front panel from your fridge and use a coil brush to reach the coils. These brushes can be found in most home hardware retailers. Then all you have to do is vacuum the dust and dirt that’s in there. There are, however, cases when the coils are in the back. If that’s the case, all you have to do is pull out the refrigerator to clean them.

Don’t Overload your Washing Machine

This is another very common mistake people make when using their washing machine. A lot of people might think that they’re saving time, energy and money by loading their machines up to the brim. But, in reality, they are doing it a huge disservice.

Overloading your dryer or washing machine can damage its belts, motor, and other internal components. So, instead of trying to save a penny by doing bigger spins, you should try to save by preventing huge repairs in the future instead.

If you do find yourself in a sticky situation where your machine has given up, seek the support of a professional. You’ll want to find a provider for the best appliance repair Etobicoke has to offer, as some companies will offer regular maintenance along with an extended warranty, while the manufacturers may only provide you with certain repairs and a year of incomplete cover, leaving you vulnerable to damages not covered under their warranty.

Recalibrate your Oven’s Settings

If you’re noticing that your oven’s temperature is out of whack, then you might think about recalibrating its settings. You’ll usually be able to find instructions on how to calibrate your oven by looking in the manual or online using the unit’s model number.

All you have to do is take a good oven thermometer and place it directly in the centreof the oven. Then wait until your oven reaches a certain constant temperature. You will then be able to use the calibrating instructions to match the temperature setting with the thermometer.

Make Sure Your Dishwasher is Clean

If your dishwasher stops working or doesn’t perform as good as it used to, it’s often because the filter is clogged with food debris. When this happens, water can’t make its way to the dishwasher’s spray arms which are responsible for cleaning dishes on the top rack.

Thankfully, the problem only takes a few minutes to fix. All you have to do is pull the lower rack out and remove the cover over the dishwasher’s filter. If you’re having difficulty finding the filter, then you should be able to find instructions in the manual. Then you can use either a dry or wet vacuum to clean the screen off.

If the dishwasher still doesn’t work, then there could be something more serious going on with the machine. In some cases, the issue has to do with the dishwasher not being able to heat the water properly. In most of these cases, you’ll have no choice but to call a serviceman. If that is the case, then we suggest that you see the Service Force website and ask if you could get an appointment.


These few maintenance tips should help prevent excessive repair costs and allow you to keep your appliances in working order for many years.

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