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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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How To Build An Ecommerce Business That Sells Food

How To Build An Ecommerce Business That Sells Food

Starting an eCommerce business is a huge achievement for most people; in fact, starting any business at all is exciting.

But there are many obstacles and challenges along the way to actualising your dream of managing an online food business. Every eCommerce business comes with its set of unique challenges, depending on the product, service, and market.

Online businesses have been around for some time, but the food business sector is still expanding, and with such expansion come opportunities. Building an eCommerce business that sells food is possible if you get it right from the start and if there is a proper business strategy in place.

In this article, we are going to walk you through some important steps in building an eCommerce business that sells food.


This is an obvious first step to take before starting any business, especially one that involves products with a short shelf life. Your planning phase must include market research, your source of finance, suppliers, a budget, execution timelines, business registration and other legal paperwork and others.

Offer the right food products

There is a wide variety of food products sold in many eCommerce businesses, and many are not of the best quality. The last thing you want is to lose customers due to low quality food products. To address this problem, you need to source for the best suppliers of food in your area. Selling the right kind of food in your eCommerce business is the best form of advertising. Also, finding your niche is something that you need to consider. A niche product will help your business build identify faster than selling all kinds of foods. For instance, you can focus on vegetables or fruits.

Study trends

There are always new trends in business, so it will help if you know what direction your industry is moving. Knowing what your target market is talking about will help your business grow, and that is why feedback is necessary. Is there a new food product that is becoming popular and happens to be in line with what you already offer? What are your competitors doing differently? These are two key questions you need to ask regularly.Β 

Another kind of area of trends that you should study relates to the website itself and how it is used, how it functions. You need to look into what people expect and want from their websites, and then make sure that you are providing this as fully as you can. This will be easier to put into place if you are using a platform like ShopWired, but however you are approaching it, the basic idea is the same.

Use a responsive website

Since you are selling food on your eCommerce business, it is essential to take your website design seriously. Your eCommerce site is your store, and just like a real store, you must ensure that customers can find what they need without fuss. Having a responsive website is the standard these days because the majority of purchase made online are completed through mobile devices, so having a responsive website that displays products properly on mobile devices is essential. The easier it is to navigate your business, the more sales conversion you will make.Β  If you are looking for inspiration to build your eCommerce business, check out

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