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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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How socialising affects us

How socialising affects us

Hands up if you’ve struggled as a result of not seeing friends and family as easily during this pandemic. Trust me; you are not alone.

All around the world, people’s mental health has suffered. Of course, not all issues result from a lack of social opportunities, but many do.

As humans, we are social creatures. We tend to crave the company of others. Of course, this isn’t the case for every single person, but it is accurate for the majority. This is largely due to intuition, as being social has actually supported the human race to survive. Belonging, being part of society, allows that safety in numbers that we hear so much about.

So, how does socialising affect us?

Increased happiness

Face to face contact with positive influences in your life can boost your mood significantly. Merely being in the presence of someone who likes, respects and appreciates you can be enough to get those happy hormones flowing through your body.

So what? Next time you feel a little down in the dumps, why not give a friend a ring? Organise to go on a walk together or simply meet for coffee and cake.

Increased motivation

We all have that one friend who can almost convince you to do absolutely anything, right? While this isn’t always the positive influence we seek in our lives, some of the time, we do need that persuasion, the encouragement and the boost in our self-belief. Think back to a time when you felt stuck in a dead-end job or a loveless relationship. In your head, you undoubtedly had a list as long as your arm of reasons why you should leave. However, it isn’t always that straightforward. Sometimes, we just need that motivation from friends to push us in the right direction.

So what? If you are unsure of the future path you’d like to navigate, it’s worth spending time with your closest friends. Broach the subject with them to gather their opinions. Of course, you may not have a concrete plan of action there and then, it could support you in more confidently making a decision.

group of friends

Increased confidence

Spending time with others, batting ideas around and challenging each other to do bigger and better things can boost your confidence immensely. In fact, sometimes, just knowing that you have other people around who enjoy spending time with you and believe in what you have to offer the world can be enough to convince you that you are worth it.

So what? When you lack that confidence to make a decision or to venture somewhere unknown, for example, grab your friends and chat to them. In fact, just being present with them could be enough to raise your confidence enough to aim for the stars.

Increased competition

Socialising with particular individuals may not always be the positive influence you need in your life. We have all encountered someone who, whatever story you share, has done the same thing but ten times bigger and better, right? While being in the presence of a person like this can push you to almost compete against them and strive for bigger and better yourself, this may actually be harmful to your mental health. If you are continually comparing yourself and your achievements to those of other people, it is detrimental.

So what? It can be challenging to put distance between yourselves if you move in the same social circles. However, it is essential to avoid socialising with these energy vampires too regularly. An occasional encounter will not hurt, and you should try to remember to focus on your life rather than theirs.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you will find that there are benefits gained from socialising in terms of your mental health. If you need lifting, reach out to those friends, spend quality time with them, and live your life with plenty of laughs.

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