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Iceni Magazine | January 23, 2021

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How modern businesses connect with customers

How modern businesses connect with customers

No one’s saying that the personal touch is dead in business, but providing great customer service in this millennium takes a significant portion of digital support.

Digital technology should always make the customer experience more seamless, enjoyable and valuable. It includes things such as diverse modern payment processing options so that every customer can complete transactions quickly and in their preferred format. It may include automation in stocking and fulfilment so that customers can find exactly what they’re looking for, when and where they want it. It also includes channels of communication, opening up customer service and support possibilities that meet every customer’s needs without undue demand on the business.

Connecting with prospective customers and staying connected to existing customers is also better with modern technology. You can engage customers with a loyalty programme and mailing list, targeting them with only things in which they’re interested. Social media channels take this one step further, encouraging two-way communication between you and your customers so that you can build relationship (and loyalty) and learn what your customers truly care about.

Customer service in the digital age means being focused on providing value to your customers and meeting their needs on whatever channel, device, pathway or format they choose to interact with you. Meeting needs online goes beyond simply providing an online shopping experience to include information, access and experiences.

If you’re launching a new product, then you might put some units on display and let customers interact with them in the shop. In the digital world, you provide a great experience by adding dimension to a flat product. This explainer video maker can help you illustrate a product’s (or service’s) features and benefits in greater detail and depth than a simple graphic or text description provides.

Video is powerful not only because it expands what you can communicate, but also because it connects with people, gives more scope to communicate your brand, and gets an automatic boost in visibility. Stretch existing content by repurposing it into a video format, and get more mileage by sharing video on social media. Many platforms give video preferred treatment in their algorithms, extending its reach for free (in the case of organic posts) or at a reduced price (in the case of paid advertising).

It’s important to be careful to always put value to the customer first, though. Keep videos short, fast-paced, polished and to the point to avoid wasting customers’ time and making them impatient or frustrated. Consider supplementing with multiple formats such as product photography and text descriptions instead of making videos that serve too many goals at once. The most helpful content often gets shared online, effortlessly growing your brand for you.

Technology has changed the way that businesses interact with their customers, and it’s up to you to make sure that this change is for the better. Use technology in store and online to focus on customer needs and desires and to provide value. Reduce barriers and improve satisfaction by keeping things easy and polished. Video content is your friend. You’ll connect with more customers than ever before, convert more customers to loyal fans, and keep them coming back for more.

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