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Iceni Magazine | August 9, 2020

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Citroën Berlingo – improved for 2015

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist
Twitter @carwriteups

Citroën’s best-selling van, the Berlingo, now delivers even better fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions – up to 62.8mpg and as low as 118g/km.

As part of the Berlingo’s improvement process for 2015, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is now standard specification on all models in the line-up. ESC uses steering angle data and other information to detect if the van is about to travel in a different direction to that indicated by the steering wheel position. ESC then automatically reduces engine power and brakes the appropriate wheel to help you maintain control.

In addition to fitting ESC as standard, all Berlingo vans are now fitted with Hill Start Assist. Furthermore, Berlingos powered by the latest e-HDi 90 diesel micro-hybrid benefit from the availability of a new automated manual ETG6 (6-speed Efficient Tronic Gearbox), which provides improved drivability.

Two versions (L1 and L2) of the Berlingo are available – both sharing a common 2728mm wheelbase. The Berlingo L1 has a load compartment volume of 3.3cu.m (extendable to 3.7cu.m in LX & Enterprise models), while the L2 model has a 3.7cu.m capacity (extendable to 4.1cu.m in LX & Enterprise models) load compartment.

Citroën also offers the Berlingo with a wide range of load compartment door options including single near side or twin sliding side load doors. As standard, the Berlingo has unglazed twin hinged, asymmetric (split 60/40) rear doors with glazed rear doors as an option. An optional hinged roof flap is available.

The load carrying versatility of Berlingo LX, XTR+ and Enterprise vans is enhanced with Citroën’s innovative modular Extenso cabin. This provides the ability to seat a driver and two passengers, thanks to a middle seat for occasional use.

With the Extenso cabin the outer passenger seat can be folded away to enable loads of 3.0m (L1) or 3.25m (L2) to be carried. The same seat can also be configured so that its seat cushion can be raised vertically against the seat back, to enable tall items to be carried on the cab floor.

Indeed, the Berlingo, like its predecessor, majors on comfort, safety and convenience, with a working environment which combines both style and practicality.

As a result, the Berlingo has a light and airy cabin which makes full use of stylish but hard wearing materials, including fabric-lined door trims and in-cab carpeted flooring. A removable, washable PVC load compartment hard floor lining is also standard on Berlingo LX and Enterprise vans.

Citroën Berlingo

Citroën Berlingo rear

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