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Iceni Magazine | August 15, 2022

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Fun Things To Do in Sheffield for the Weekend

Fun Things To Do in Sheffield for the Weekend

The UK has loads of scenic destinations that make for a wonderful weekend trip.

No matter where you live in the country, a beautiful countryside destination is never too far. It makes for the perfect weekend getaway, but it’s also a great candidate for a weekend adventure with your friends and family members. So to help you get the most out of your Sheffield trip, here are a couple of fun suggestions for you to try out.

The National Videogame Museum

Do you plan to take some kids along with you? Or maybe you personally have a soft spot for video games. Whatever the case is, you might want to consider visiting the UK’s national culture centre for videogames. House in an iconic medieval building, you’ll find this interactive videogame museum to be one of the most exciting destinations for younger audiences. There are plenty of games to explore and try, there are lots of playful exhibitions, and it’s designed to appeal to gamers no matter your age.

Not only will you get to tour and play in the arcade without spending any coins, but you’ll also be able to explore game bundles and watch exhibitions for various games. There’s also a lab dedicated to making games, making it perfect for people who are interested in developing their own videogames in the future.

Explore Sheffield’s parks and gardens

Sheffield usually isn’t one of the first places to go in the UK for sunshine, but there are undoubtedly some amazing parks and gardens for you to visit when you’re here.

Endcliffe Park is a fantastic family destination with wide woodland spaces. Firth Park is also a great choice for its wide-open areas, and Greenhill Park is one of the 20 District Parks in Sheffield that we can recommend. If you’d like something closer to the city centre, then why not try the Sheffield Botanical Gardens? Covering roughly 19 acres of land, these gardens are listed by English Heritage as a Grade II site of interest.

Lastly, we can’t forget Millhouses Park, a full-on entertainment park area that has playgrounds, playing fields, boats, rivers, and even places to get a drink and bite to eat. With so many parks and gardens to choose from, you’ll likely run out of time to visit them all.

Getting around Sheffield

There are a number of great transportation options in Sheffield including local buses and trams. Transportation is affordable and there’s an extensive network that covers most of the major destinations that you’ll want to visit. But with that said, there are also private options such as minibus hire in Sheffield or even taxis that can help you get around more conveniently. So as far as transportation goes, you won’t be faced with any major issues.

Hopefully, this brief article has given you an idea of some of the major places to visit within Sheffield. It’s a fantastic place for a weekend journey but you can always extend your stay to see all of the various sights and sounds on offer.

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