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Iceni Magazine | November 28, 2020

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Revamping your Lockdown Love Life

Revamping your Lockdown Love Life

You’ve probably spent more time together over these past few months than you had the past few years.

This will undoubtedly have taken its toll, and you may find yourselves embroiled in pathetic slanging matches. His pants on the bathroom floor or her hair on the sofa (and in the carpet) might become far more significant issues than they previously were. These arguments do not spell the end of your relationship; they are just indicative of you needing to change a few things. Continue reading for our top tips on how to revamp your love life during lockdown.


Communication is vital in all relationships. The chances are that you are still talking to one another, but it might be a little strained. Instead of grumbling at each other, try sitting down and opening the dialogue with things that you have enjoyed today or what you are looking forward to doing.

Quality time over quantity

Spending every waking minute of the day together is far from healthy for most couples. We say that as some people’s relationships work well this way. However, for the majority, this simply does not work. If you are both working from home, aim to set up your workstations away from one another. Do not be tempted to drift into his domain and ask if he wants a cup of tea. Likewise, do not invade her space when she is attempting to focus. Plan to go on long walks or bike rides together. Take part in online quizzes. Watch a film or two together with some microwaveable popcorn. Even engage in some cooking together. Spending quality time together is far more critical.


There’s something very special about the impact reminiscing can have on a person. The goosebumps could help to rekindle a romance that’s lost its spark. Flick through photo albums, discussing the times you were happiest. Seeing yourself as a couple in the past can remind you of how strong you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished together. You could even spend some time together, creating a new photo collage of your most precious memories.


Despite most of us feeling a little lardier than usual with more grey hairs on show, it still feels nice to receive compliments about our appearance. Taking a little time each day to say something positive about your partner can have a considerable effect on self-esteem and self-confidence. It isn’t just our appearances that should be commented upon though. Think about the characteristics your partner has shown during the past few months: care, consideration, kindness, determination. Unless you mention them, your partner may feel as though they have gone unnoticed.


Getting to the shops isn’t quite so easy these days. No one would expect flowers or chocolates every day. Little things such as running a bubble bath for your partner or surprising them with an afternoon tea delivered to the house are just a couple of simple suggestions. If one of you is doing the lion’s share of the home educating while you are both trying to work from home, why not show your appreciation and give a foot massage? There are many ways in which you could show your love and affection.

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