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Iceni Magazine | May 29, 2022

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Feeling Low? What You Eat Can Make A Huge Difference

Feeling Low

For a wide variety of reasons, many of us seem to be feeling a little out of sorts at the moment.

If you’re feeling low right now, then what you eat can make a significant difference to your emotions.

Of course, we all know that a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial for us, not just physically but also mentally. However, when we feel anxious or depressed, we often find ourselves turning to things such as junk food, sugary foods and drinks, and generally things that won’t do us any good. It gives you that short-term satisfaction, but in the long run, you continue to feel low and maybe even worse than how you felt before. However, what you eat daily can make a big difference to your mood and how you feel. So, here are some of the things you should consider adding to your diet to help you feel better.    

Matcha Tea

There are many supposed benefits to Matcha tea. If you haven’t encountered this miracle worker before, here are some snippets of information about it. What exactly is it? Well, it’s a type of green tea (but way better!); grown and processed tea which has been finely ground into a powder. Matcha tea is a finely ground powder of grown and processed tea. It is a type of green tea but more intensified in the health benefits. Some of its advantages include the sheer volume of antioxidants. The tea is also known for boosting your metabolism and burning calories. Always a good thing if you are watching your weight. It’s a good way of detoxing the body of harmful toxins. The tea is also rich in fibre and vitamin C. It can even boost your mood and help to improve your concentration levels. There isn’t a tea out there that can do as much. It’s something to think about and to try and add to your balanced diet. Why not try swapping a cup of coffee for a healthy matcha tea instead?


Wheatgrass is another superfood that can offer excellent health boosts. Many people class it as nature’s finest medicine. A great way to enjoy wheatgrass is to take a shot of the juice each day or add it to your juice or smoothie in the morning; it’s an acquired taste, so this way, you hardly notice its presence in terms of flavour. The wheatgrass will flood your body with essential vitamins and minerals. It is also a powerful detoxifier. Perfect if you are currently going through a detox or wanting to lose some weight. It is a chlorophyll extract from the plant, and it might not taste particularly nice, but it has amazing benefits to a healthy lifestyle. It can work wonders for your immune system and general body health and certainly improve your mental health naturally.

Protein Shakes

I can imagine that some of you would associate protein shakes with big muscle men lifting weights at the gym. Am I right? You are not entirely incorrect either. Protein is an essential part of repairing and building muscles, especially for people putting those muscles through intense programs of fitness. But protein is essential for any healthy balanced diet. As long as you are exercising then having a protein shake after you’re done or in the morning before you work out can be beneficial. It can provide you with an energy boost that can help to lift your mood if you are feeling a little low and lethargic. It’s best to be mindful to choose a lean protein powder, available in a range of flavours, as opposed to a bulk-up one. Most people try to avoid adding pounds, and this certainly wouldn’t help. If you’re not keen on the taste made up as a shake, some enjoy it as protein pancakes – this might be worth a try.

While we know that diet alone won’t solve all of your worries, let’s hope these suggestions help you to try different foods to improve your mood.

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