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Iceni Magazine | July 9, 2020

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Denim jeggings

Denim jeggings

Are you an enthusiast of both comfort and fashion?

It is often said that those who want to look beautiful must suffer a little, but it is not necessarily like that.

In fact, there are several ways to associate comfort with aesthetics: we already know that leggings should not be worn as pants, and in case you do, the b side should be totally covered, with a long hoodie for instance. But it is possible to make some exceptions for certain leggings models designed specifically to be worn as pants.

Some, in fact, are the so-called jeggings, that is, those denim leggings, or rather, those that look like denim. Let’s step back for a minute and try to understand why people love leggings so much.

Leggings: a never ending love

There is a much more practical and simple reason why many people buy leggings even when they don’t like their aesthetic: they always fit and are comfortable. In fact, if a slim girl with few shapes does not have too much difficulty in finding the right trousers or jeans, those who diverge from this model even by a few have some. Do you know the sweat inside the dressing room to try 7 pairs of black pants that all fall badly? or the difficulty of finding a right pair of jeans of leg and also of life? Or the nightmare of closing jeans after washing them? With the leggings all this disappears, their stretch fabric embraces us and accompanies our curves, putting in our flaws is true, but it makes us feel protected. But there is another item in women heart when it comes to shopping.

Denim: an even more never ending love

Jeans are the most popular item of clothing for women: the reason can rely for someone on their comfort, but not everyone would agree to it. The reason why Jeans are so loved is for their extreme versatility that allows you to combine the pair of jeans with all kind of outfits: from a sporty and trendy one, to a more elegant and sexier for the night.

Let ‘s dig deeper:  jeans are a kind of trouser made of a special fabric called denim, which as a type of fabric is very robust and long lasting, in fact, at first was used only as work wear, but then over time it has become in effect, the garment most used by both men and women.

On the market there are various types of jeans to satisfy all tastes and also different needs and all the several fashion houses, started to design them from the one par excellence in the field of jeans, the “Levis Strauss”, which has created an infinite number of models and types, such as those designed for social occasions, with applications of rhinestones and beads, or those with discoloured fabric like those stone washed jeans for instance. And all of these have been a model to follow for every other fashion house across the years.

Freddy has the solution for you: denim jeggings

Freddy, Italian brand, is the leader in the denim jeggings industry: with their leggings made in denim, they have triumphed over the hearts of millions of women thank also to their push-up effect.

These jeggings are composed almost entirely by cotton, with a small percentile of elastane that makes you move with comfort.

Their high quality fabric will make the jegging feel like a second skin, wrapping your body perfectly and donating an optical effect that make your B-side look perfect and lifted, thanks to the combination of different sewing.

Check out Freddy’s website and find the right one for you: you will not have to choose anymore between coziness and aesthetics, now it’s all yours!


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