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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Companies that’ll help you out of a bind

Companies that’ll help you out of a bind

Businesses everywhere, stop what you’re doing – you are not prepared for even the most basic emergency.

Right, now that we’ve got your attention…

While most companies are well versed in the concepts of making profit, very few CEOs could tell you how to change a lightbulb or rewire a plug. And what’s worse, very few would care to know.

This is a pity, and not just because DIY is rapidly becoming a forgotten art. If company bosses really cared about hands-on management, they’d be willing to get their hands dirty once in a while and become a jack of all trades.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see Alan Sugar waggling a ballcock around any time soon, so you’ll just have to call on the experts. Here are a few SMEs we’d heartily recommend.

CJ Connally

CJ Connally is a mechanical and electrical engineering company based in Huddersfield, and it’s spent the past 25 years building trust in the local community.

This is a fully-compliant business that prides itself on a straightforward approach to customer service, and is well worth a look.

Get in touch with the Connally team if you’re based in Huddersfield or the surrounding area.

Office Furniture

Desks are getting rickety, employees are sliding off their wobbly chairs, and the water cooler is held together with sticky-back plastic.

You need to get in touch with Office Furniture.

This is one of those companies that does exactly what it says on the tin. Office Furniture. Whatever you need, they’ve got it.

The site (which looks a bit shabby) is packed to the gunnels with affordable but high quality chairs, desks and other office equipment.

Moreover, Office Furniture has received a five out of five rating on Trustpilot, one of the most prestigious review sites on the market. Definitely a company to spend some money with.


If you’re in need of computer repair, or looking for an entirely new rig, Scan is the company to contact.

This is one of the most popular computer companies in the world for computer geeks and, while expensive, its easy-to-navigate site is swelling with a huge range of computers.

These are especially great PCs for anyone who needs to use editing software or Photoshop in their nine to five. They offer speedy delivery too.

Rated People

If you need painting and decorating done fast, then Rated People is your best bet. This is a review site dedicated to painters and decorators, and it’s easy-peasy to use.

This is an especially fantastic tool when you bear in mind that a painter and decorator will likely be on your premises for a very long time, potentially a few weeks. So you can sift out anyone who seems intolerable before you hire.


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