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Iceni Magazine | April 20, 2021

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Cold Brew Coffee – The Hottest Trend

NOMI coffee is brewed for over 16 hours in balanced PH cold water to produce a smooth, naturally sweeter flavour. NOMI use in season, ethically sourced coffee ensuring you always have the freshest, best tasting cold brew coffee. NOMI is created by single origin coffee for over 16 hours in perfectly balanced and cold filtered water to steep. NOMI filter their coffee beans three times to ensure perfect clarity. NOMI always find the best and freshest coffee beans, ensuring their coffee is unique, fresh and in-season. 

Coffee across the world crops at different points in the year. Some varieties only crop once in a year, which means that if you maintain the same bean throughout the year, the coffee bean you use may have been stored in in silos for an extended period, which can begin to effect the aromas and depth of flavour. NOMI is different they work with a coffee house to hold regular cupping sessions to ensure they only use the freshest and best crops for cold brewing. This also means the bean can change from season to season, making NOMI fresh and straight to your cup.

NOMI is influenced by Kyoto with its old coffee shops serving Cold coffee brewed over extended periods at room temperature. Nomi is translated from Japanese to Drink. Nomi is made with 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives, colourings or sweeteners. Cold brew coffee makes the flavour naturally sweet, meaning you don’t need to add sugars or sweeteners. It is 100% ethically sourced. Drink at room temperature or over ice, it’s certain to fill your taste buds and you craving for more.

NOMI Tokyo Black has only 10 calories, with 100% cold brew coffee made from Guatemalan Huehuetango beans.

NOMI Kyoto Iced has just 85 calories, with 55% Cold Brew Coffee from Guatemalan Huehuetango fresh full fat British Milk 45%,

The NOMI Toyko Black & NOMI Kyoto Iced cost £10 for three 250ml bottles from Yumbles

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