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Iceni Magazine | September 18, 2020

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Cancel that call with the estate agent


Here’s 10 tips to stop you needing to move house!

Article By Teodora Grigorie

Almost everybody wants a beautiful looking home, where everything is neat and tidy, and there is plenty of space to go around. Unfortunately, in the real world, life sometimes gets the best of us and busy lives and growing families often leave homes feeling undersized and over cluttered. In the quest for more organisation and living space, many people feel they have no option other than to move to a larger home, when actually adding some creative storage solutions and maximising the space available can be all you need to do. Check out this list of storage and design ideas to help you get the most out of your current space, and start to love where you live once again.

  1. Restrict your belongings
    When living as a large family, or trying to survive in a tight space, the most important factor to being comfortable is to restrict the number of belongings you own. Regular purges should be done once or twice a year to eliminate any unneeded items, and only really sentimental items should be kept in addition to items that are regularly used or needed.

  1. Maximise cupboard space
    Cupboard space is valuable in a home, especially a small one, so maximising the space available is essential.  Consider adding a second hanging bar to your fitted bedroom wardrobes, to obtain double hanging space. Also, incorporate functional pieces like shoe racks and storage cubes into your rooms to keep things tidy and easily accessible.

  1. Choose multifunctional furniture pieces
    Furniture that does double duty is a must have when trying to maximise space, and there are many creative solutions on the market today.  A pull out couch provides space for guests, and there are many children’s beds that feature loft beds with incorporated desks and even storage built into the stairs. For adults, there are many bedroom sets that have clothing storage built in under the bed and built-in wardrobes can be designed to fit in even the smallest of bedrooms.

  1. Kitchen storage
    In smaller homes, kitchen cabinet space is often limited, but a little creativity can go a long way. Hanging pot racks can be a functional and visually attractive solution for storing necessary kitchen equipment, and floating shelves can be ideal for storing those must-have small appliances. There are also many great multi-purpose pieces such as serving cards that double as islands for food prep and wine and glass storage below.


  1. Bathroom function
    When many people share space, or it is limited to begin with, most will find that bathroom suffers the most from clutter and lack of functionality. These issues can be addressed stylishly by incorporating space-saving storage solutions that fit in over the toilet and under the sink for linen and product storage. Choosing a good medicine cabinet can help clear up the typical clutter that accumulates on countertops.

  1. Sharing a room
    It may be necessary for young children to share a bedroom, which can quickly become crowded if not approached properly. Bunk beds, captains beds with storage underneath and clever storage solutions such as lockers, cubbies and various bins and buckets will keep things organised and even enhance the decor in the bedroom. Consider colour coding furniture so that each child has something that is just theirs. 

  1. Organisational aids
    There are endless organisational aids available to maximise the function of just about any nook and cranny in the home. Items like drawer dividers, storage caddies, baskets, segregated bins and shelving will help keep things tidy and give everything a proper place. Choose stylish organisational aids to match your decor and reflect your personal sense of style.

  1. Outdoor living
    Bring the indoors outside whenever possible and create functional living spaces in gardens, patios or balconies. Comfortable seating, a dining table and even space for outdoor cooking can help make the home feel more spacious, as not all of the activities done at home are within the confines of four walls.

  1. Find the hidden space
    There are many smaller areas of a home that can be utilised for storage in creative ways.

Space under the stairs can be turned into a functional storage cupboard for shoes and coats, and although floor space can be sparse, hanging cupboards and shelves on blank walls can add decorative effects, as well as giving a cluttered home valuable storage space. Integral garages can easily be converted into functional rooms too, with sheds and greenhouses providing storage space for the usual garage clutter.

  1. Go white
    Many people consider decorating in all or mostly white to be drab, but in all actuality using white makes everything seem very clean, bright and spacious. Incorporating all of the above storage and organisation tips with white design will make the space feel clear of clutter. Infusing your personality is easy – simply use statement pieces and interesting pops of colour throughout to put your own stamp on your newly spacious rooms.

If you feel you’re running out of space in your home, don’t immediately start contacting estate agents! Taking a good look at maximising the space you have already, and considering alternative storage solutions may be all you need to live more comfortably, without the stress of moving house.

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