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Iceni Magazine | June 24, 2024

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Can You Make Money Blogging in 2023? 5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Can You Make Money Blogging in 2023? 5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity for influencers and making money via social media and blogging platforms.

And while blogging these days is often synonymous with mummy blogs and parenting websites, the reality is there is a massive potential for blogs still, and people in 2023 are still making money through blogging.

Is Blogging Dead?

You might be mistaken for thinking that websites with self-indulgent paragraphs about people living their lives have had their day, but the reality is this couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, neither could that previous statement which is often people’s first thoughts on those who blog.

Blogs have a valuable role to play in many iterations, including for business websites for information for customers and for personal blogs for people to share their thoughts. Business blogs are actually often thought of as an integral part of content marketing and can help to boost SEO for many companies when done correctly. At the same time, personal blogs can help people connect with like-minded others virtually on a daily basis.

There is a value in blogging that means it has longevity, and the 60 million plus WordPress blogs will attest that there is a readership that is still interested in reading blog posts rather than the aimless scrolling social media or even ingesting traditional media news via well-known outlets.

Can You Make Money Via Blogging?

Blogging is often touted as a viable side hustle that can make people money over the year.s While it’s not a passive income option, blogging requires much work and many hours of input and hard slogging to even get on the radar of companies to make money from; it can still be a string in your bow, so to speak, when it comes to diversifying your income and adding a few extra pennies to the pot.

One survey of predominantly American bloggers suggests that just under 30% of blogs make an income after 6 months, while over 38% of bloggers make a full-time income via their blog within the first two years.

Those numbers sound pretty enticing, right? However, there is a lot that goes into getting a blog up and running and being your primary source of income. Not only do you need to be a talented writer, but these days, you also need to be a social media guru, photographer extraordinaire, and marketing envious to get your blog the viewing figures you need to make money from it and to build an engaged audience who keep coming back time and time again to your website or engage on your social media channels because blogging in 2023 is a far cry from the very first blog back in 1994, nearly 30 years ago.

But moving on, making money via blogging in 2023 is possible, and you have plenty of options for making money if you wish to pursue this as a career or a side hustle. However, before you dive right in, you should take heed of some blogging tips to help you get your blog in the best possible condition for making money and to be as attractive as possible to parents and readers alike.

How To Make Money Blogging in 2023

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for some time, and many people make good money from their product recommendations both on their website and social media pages. Affiliate marketing is sharing products or services with people and then gaining a small commission back should someone click through the tracked link you share and make a purchase.

The most popular affiliate program people know is Amazon affiliates, in which the e-commerce giant rewards people with compensation for directing people to the website to make a purchase. The commission generated per sale is based on a percentage, which varies from company to company and, over time, will accumulate until you reach the payment threshold. Each user will have a unique link generated for them to track clicks and sales and assign any commission.

Typically, these commissions are around 5-30% of the cost, so for example, if someone shares links for a dress for £50 and gets a 10% commission per sale, they will earn £5 per dress sold via their unique tracking link. These links can be inserted into blog posts, social media posts, and even email newsletters, for example. While this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this can be a passive income stream via your blog once you have put the links in place.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships have long been commonplace on blogs, and media-savvy brands have partnered with high-profile bloggers to tap into their specific audience, raise awareness, and generate sales.

These partnerships can range from one-off social media shout-outs to followers to blog post reviews and dedicated articles of ongoing work where people promote said business for a specific period of time as predetermined by the blogger and brand.

In many cases, the brand will identify the right blogger to fit in with its ethos and messaging. Be it via the new parent community to advertise baby products or services or the homeschooling community to promote educational tools for parents following this journey as two examples.

Brand partnerships can be either paid for via monetary compensation or via products and services for review and promotion, or even both in some cases. These types of collaborations can vary in work required and how much you are likely to get paid. They aren’t guaranteed; it all depends on the kind of blog you run and the type of partnerships you will offer. There is no hard and fast rule as to what is acceptable; this is down to the blogger as an individual and the brand’s budget for the specific campaign.

Paid Ads

These days there aren’t many sites you can visit, and an ad doesn’t pop up in your face. Depending on your personal thoughts, this can be a good or bad thing. But the fact remains that tarp aid ads are an easy passive income for bloggers to make extra income over time.

One of the most popular ad networks is Google Ads. How this works is you sign up to an ad network and register your blog. From here, you are given some code to add to your blog to display the ads. Your website will need to be approved first; once this happens, you can get started. You must follow the rules and regulations regarding displaying ads on your website and ensure you have decent traffic to generate ads and get the clicks. You won’t be paid large sums for your clicks, but over time; this can add up and help you out financially.

Sponsored Posts

One of the most well-known ways of making money via blogging is via sponsored posts. In this instance, much like brand partnerships, brands reach out to bloggers and ask them to write content for them or host pre-written content they will supply. From here, both parties can agree on a mutually beneficial price, topic, and placement of the post as well as topic guidelines and word count etc.

The sponsored post will be published, and the brand will pay the blogger to cut the stone of the blog. Simple. Be sure you agree with all the requirements for the brand and put your own guidelines in place to ensure the partnership works for both of you. In regards to payments, again, this can vary from brand to brand, and. Some will pay more than others; others will require more work, and so on. While it can be a great income source, it isn’t a regular, reliable sum you can count on and should be considered as part of your overall blog income, not the sole option.

Selling Services

As discussed earlier in the post, bloggers these days need to wear many hats. And with these hats comes new skills, experience, and expertise. In fact, for many bloggers, most of these skills were around when choosing their careers at school, especially the older bloggers who got on board back in the early days or who started blogging at an older age.

You can then use these skills to help you generate another income stream or even a new career. Maybe you have become a whizz at photo editing and can offer this service to other bloggers or businesses, or you can use your flair for the written word to write blog posts for other companies and bloggers, or your love of photography can give you a completely new career. Whatever it is you find you are good at and enjoy; you can then build on these skills to help you generate an income either on or off the blog and something you enjoy and make money from it too!


Blogging might look different in 2023 than back in the day. However, whether you want to make money or not, investing in blogging is still a good option. For those wanting to make money from blogging, you must put in the time and effort to reap the rewards and keep those pennies rolling in.

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