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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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Buying A Home In Wirral This Year: Here Is What You Need To Know

Buying A Home In Wirral This Year

Wirral is not only popular among backpackers as a tourist spot, but it is also considered as an ideal location to buy a home.

According to experts Wirral has beautiful villages, lots of places of interest and beautiful beaches. Those are common aspects but are there any factors that make Wirral all the more interesting both to homebuyers and real estate investors?

Well, there are and some of them are mentioned in the sections below –

It is the most desirable locations among homebuyers

Home buyers look at Wirral as a desirable location, all thanks to the diversity of this region and the dedication of the authorities who strive to make the lives of people in Wirral easier, with every passing year. The most popular places in Wirral to own a home are West Kirby, Thurstaston, Neston, Hoylake, Heswall and Parkgate.

Wirral has a home for every budget

At first glance, one might think that owning a home is a costly affair but that is not the case. As per popular letting agents such as there is a home for every budget in Wirral. From budget-friendly apartments to million-pound mansions, Wirral has it all.

Homes by the coast cost more

Chances are high that you first fell in love with Wirral when you walked on the beaches here. Now that you are planning to buy a home here, you might have the urge to buy an idyllic property that is located on the coastline.

You can get your hands on one easily in places like West Kirby, Raby, Thornton Hough and Parkgate but bear this in mind that these will come at premium prices. But in the end, living by or in proximity to the sea should come at a premium price, don’t you think?

It is pretty easy to commute to and from Wirral

It is well-connected by trains as they run regularly to Wirral from several places through important junctions like Chester and Liverpool city centre. Wirral is also served by bus routes and the best part – buses allow commuters to travel to and from all major villages and towns of Wirral.

Furthermore, residents in Wirral will have access to the John Lennon Airport, located a mere 10 miles away at Liverpool.

Weekends in Wirral are fun

You can never have a dull weekend when you are a resident of Wirral. You can enjoy a long, quiet walk on the coastline, or have your favourite meal in Hoylake. If you are in the mood for some shopping, you can head on over to Heswall and make the most out of the stores there.

There are tons of places where you can take your loved ones for unwinding such as Port Sunlight Village and Thornton Hough. You can also mark your calendar to witness the spectacular Port Sunlight Village festival that takes place every year, on July 25th (this year is an exception, due to the pandemic). The festival is known for its popular dog show, live entertainment and samba/salsa dancers.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you should also keep in mind that Wirral is a hotspot for sporting activities. It is also known as the leisure peninsula and for the right reasons. Whether you are into hiking or cycling along the promenade or dry skiing on the slopes in Bebington, it is pretty easy to find a sporting activity that suits your tastes in Wirral.


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