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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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3 Ways for Norfolk Homeowners to Bring Luxury Home on a Budget

Luxury Home on a budget

Your home is your castle, and should reflect your unique style at all times.

And if you have a leaning for luxury, you deserve to indulge! Quality fabrics and sumptuous silks are back in fashion this Autumn, making now the perfect time to introduce those statement pieces to your décor. Transforming your house into a home and create a welcoming and magnificent space for you and your family – that’s the dream, right?

There’s just one problem – with many of us on a budget right now, some of our first choices may be a little out of our price range. But luxury in your home doesn’t have to involve over-the-top opulence and breaking the bank. Adding little touches of glamorous grandeur to your space can be affordable with the right knowhow.

Whether you fancy splashing the cash, or are opting for careful consideration with your budget, our three handy tips will transform your home into a palace fit for royalty in no time.

1) Splendid Soft Furnishings

Comfort is the key to making your home feel loaded with luxury. Cascading cushions are a perfect way to combine your personal style with extravagant splendor.

Soft furnishings can inject personality into your space and elevate your interior design.

Don’t want to spend a small fortune? No worries. Check out Etsy’s range of beautiful one-of-a-kind cushions. Many of these are crafted by independent creators and reasonably priced for your budget – supporting a small business has never been more stylish.

Alternatively, Amara offers an incredible range of high-quality cushions that feature designer prints that will make your home look like a snapshot from a widely-followed interior design Instagram. Thanks to their high quality, they will last a lifetime. You’ll be the talk of the town!

2) Artisanal Touches

Surrounding your home with art is the latest trend in interior design this season. Gallery walls with creative displays from various artists are all over social media right now.

An incredible focal point, they steal the show in any room and can bring elements of your life, personality, and interests into your space. Making your home feel personal to you has never been easier thanks to Desenio.

Desenio offers a wide range of affordable prints and the perfect frames to showcase your art. They even offer a tool to see what your gallery wall could look like. Showcasing the way your prints flow together.

For those willing to splash their hard-earned cash, King and McGaw is perfect. High-quality prints created by incredible designers and printed with top of the range printers. King and McGaw feature some of your favourite artists. Why wait?

3) Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture is an incredible investment that will last a lifetime. Treat yourself and your home to high-quality furniture by the likes of SM London.

Though bespoke brands like these may cost a little more than your average furniture investment, just one of their signature pieces can take any room to the next level in terms of luxury, instantly elevating the mood of your space and capturing the eye of visitors.

Go on – treat yourself. Fill your space with luxury.


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