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Iceni Magazine | April 24, 2024

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Art Decor and Illustration Trends for 2022

Art Decor and Illustration Trends for 2022

Art decor and illustration have evolved a lot in the last year, and new trends are emerging every day in 2022.

Surprisingly, some fabulous old-school illustrations are now back, making modern graphics more fantastic.

Art decor and illustrations are vital to the success of your business. They make your brand appealing and create a unique identity that consumers appreciate. An adequately designed brand makes it easy for customers to get your brand’s goals and vision. As a result, your brand will reach its full potential, which will convert to more sales and conversions.

In this article, you’re going to learn about art decor and illustration trends that will help you stand out in the competitive digital world in 2022.

Let’s dive in!

Book illustrations

Book illustrations depict fantastic art with sweet stories to create a magical atmosphere in your room. You can draw inspiration from the following children’s books:

BARNABE by Alena Tkach: These illustration books are eye-catching since they have beautiful textures, fabulous character designs and pastel colors.

Good night’s book, for children by Chaos Ego: These illustrations convey a magical colour scheme to relax your children and prepare them for bedtime.

My First English Words by Alena Tkach: These are fantastic illustrations that help your children learn English. Their beauty is in the colors, deepened by the gradient, textures, light, and shadows they provide. They are arranged by theme to make learning fun.

Hand-drawn illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations are trending in 2022. They are now clearly visible on mobile applications, websites, advertising, and packaging design. The picture is personalised and unique and gives the images a cosiness feeling.

In the crowded digital space, hand-drawn illustrations are the best way to distinguish your brand from the competition. People acknowledge and appreciate originality; hence, such types of animation add excellent value to your online brand.

Personal canvas prints

Personal canvas prints have always remained in trend. It adds an excellent feeling of authenticity, warmth, and retro to wall decor and designs. It may look traditional when used alone, but combining it with other illustration styles adds a more innovative look.

With technological advancement, you can purchase custom canvas artwork displaying your favourite photographs in the comfort of your home. With the internet, you can find various canvas print companies quickly.

90s Nostalgia

Despite the booming digital space, we cannot ignore that the primitive internet days hold a special place in our hearts. There was a strong surge of 90s Nostalgia last year thanks to Netflix’s Fear Street and smartwatches’ Tamagotchi resurgence.

We are now reexperiencing the 90s through simple emojis, primitive internet look, grainy textures, Memphis design patterns, and pixelated art. Bright colour blocks and dripping slime bring back fond childhood memories. Turn back the clock to the 90s if you ever need a comforting old-school feel on a project.

Motion graphics

Nowadays, most people spend most of their time in the digital space; hence you need to be creative with your graphics to grab their attention and keep it. Most brands are now engaging customers with motion graphics and animations, and this trend may take a step further in 2022.

Motion graphics are the best choice to bring stories to life. Such graphics include looping gifts, subtle in-app motion, and animated shorts. Using motion graphics, you can showcase your products and ideas more dynamically in the digital world.

Ukiyo-e-influenced flat design

Designers have been looking for ways to revitalise the flat vector art imposed by digital standards for a while now. It seems designers this year are taking inspiration from the pioneers of flat design, especially the Ukiyo-e artists of Japan’s Edo Period.

Ukiyo-e is an artwork (although painted sometimes) printed using hand-carved woodblocks. This style employs bold outlines, limited perspective, and fat colour techniques familiar to vector designers.

Ukiyo-e artists used stylized flatness in everything from mythological scenes to local celebrities to landscapes in the old days. These depictions of everyday life were always exaggerated with a touch of fluidity, representing the human poses, facial expressions, and the merchant class. Nowadays, designers use the same techniques to give ordinary flat vector scenes extraordinary effects.

Bottom line

2022 is the year you should take your art design to a higher new level. You should focus on doing what you love, especially during these difficult times of Covid. Take your designer creativity to a top-notch level by learning the emerging trends and practising them. The art design is about welcoming change and embracing imperfections.

The above trends will help you create the best arts you would ever imagine. It will be wise if you take an extra step to go out of your way to create something unique. Let your designs give people rich visual experiences and allow them to connect.

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