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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Car

Shopping For A New Car

When shopping for a new car there are quite a few things to consider before making your decision.

It’s such a big question acquiring a new vehicle and there are so many different ways you could go about this, so let’s look at a few of the big decisions. 

What To Do With The Old Car? 

When you are getting a new car it almost always means you are getting rid of an old car for one reason or another which will influence the decision of what to do with the previous car. If the vehicle is at the end of its life, as in does not run etc it might be an idea to simply take it to the scrappies and get scrap value for it. If it is better condition than that then selling on is the obvious choice and there are three main options here; you can sell privately but listing the car for sale online or in a local paper and deal directly with interested parties; you can trade the vehicle in if you are buying from a dealership and this give you discount on the new vehicle; thirdly you can sell to one of these car buying firms you see online. You’ll get most value if you sell privately but there is a lot more work and hassle having to deal with all of the potential buyers and the haggling and general time wasters, the trade in is the least hassle but usually the worst option financially and the car buying services often come in with a little more money than the trade in but not by a lot.

New Or 2nd Hand? 

Are you best going for a brand new car or a used vehicle? There are advantages and risks with both new and used cars, with 2nd hand you know it’s going to be cheaper to buy and the value won’t depreciate as quickly as with the new vehicle, but you do have to be careful as the condition can vary even with vehicles of similar age, be sure to check the complete car history report to know the number of previous owners, had any accidents, and more you can even check MOT history online with just the reg number. With a new car, it’s more expensive but you have peace of mind knowing it’s not been abused by a previous owner and you will have the security of a guarantee.

To Buy Or Lease?

These days leasing your car is becoming increasingly popular and with this you can get a hold of a new vehicle without an immediate financial outlay, there are many options and if you check with an expert broker such as Intelligent Car Leasing you can see the different deals based on your budget, mileage needed amongst many other factors. 

What Features Do You Need?

Once you have decided on new, 2nd hand, leasing or buying you need to pick an actual vehicle and so you should make a list of what you need and desire in a car, is mileage or fuel consumption important, size or number of seats or maybe you need a certain engine type or speed of car? You may also need to consider how much insurance will cost for the car you are interested in, because different cars are in different insurance classes. This means it would be worth taking the time to compare several insurers for the different cars you are interested in.

Do You Really Need A Car?

If you are replacing the car it’s important to not just assume you actually need to have a car, have you considered how much you use it and how much you actually need it? It could be a huge saving if you can get by without it and is much more environmentally friendly to live without a car.

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