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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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When is a Used Car a Better Option?

When is a Used Car a Better Option?

UK car owners are increasingly buying USED cars for their motoring needs, a recent study has confirmed.

Some might say that any used product is automatically worse than one that is brand new. Perhaps they assume poor ownership from those who had it before, or maybe an aging quality turns them off from the purchase? It’s understandable, but the critique isn’t always well-founded. The wise consumer assesses all their options and searches for the best deal, especially for the costlier purchases.

This principal should certainly apply when searching for a new car. As the biggest UK car dealer has begun to focus on used vehicles to counter waning profits, there is a clear demand in the auto industry for a better deal. Below we explore why this is.  

It’s Cheaper

An obvious answer, but nevertheless an essential one, pricing plays a huge role in securing the perfect car. No one wants to be ripped off or swindled, so securing the deal that helps the bank account best is naturally in everyone’s interest. Additionally, a good dose of foresight won’t go amiss either when it comes to buying cars.

It’s a harsh fact that newer cars lose their value rapidly because of depreciation, leaving the buyer in a troubling situation. Should the time come when they want to sell their car after a few years, it will be impossible for them to earn their money back. Subsequently, buying a cheaper car removes a lot of this heartache and stress, and secures a fairer deal.

When is a Used Car a Better Option?

Less Selection

It’s a crippling consensus that the new must replace the old. As new innovations are made in the auto industry, many dealers clear room to make way for the new model. Consequently, if you’re looking for a newly made car of an older model, chances are you won’t find it. In many dealer’s eyes, that car you’re looking for should be scrapped, and you should be overcharged for a new motor.

The aging vehicles fade out of existence and get ‘relegated’ to the used collection, but of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still buy some of them. Many older vehicles work perfectly well, and though they might not be a fresh build, they can still get you from point A to point B. Ultimately, for the older customer who can finally afford their dream car from their youth, they can still buy it, even if it’s not newly built.

Sold when Certain

Trust is a big part of any business transaction. Without it, the customer has no way of knowing that what they’re buying is legitimate, or in the case of car’s, safe and functional too. Everything has to be in a good condition before any payment is made, and not every company has the audacity to give their word.

However, some companies are ready to ensure that any purchased of a used vehicle is a good investment. Businesses such as Shelbourne Motors carry out thorough checks and provide a 12-month minimum comprehensive warranty for extra security. These kinds of assurances bolster the purchase, lending some integrity and credibility to a cheaper purchase. In this instance, a used car isn’t a compromise, but a great investment instead.


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