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Iceni Magazine | January 26, 2021

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Topical or Oral: Which Is the Best Way to Use CBD Oil?


The increasing popularity of natural health remedies has also fuelled the demand for CBD oil.

Since it is legal in the UK, many people are using CBD oil to treat various conditions such as muscle pain, acne, insomnia, and anxiety. For a beginner, there is a lot of confusing information about CBD oil and similar products. In this article, we will provide an overview of CBD oil, as well as the recommended ways of using the product.

Different types of CBD oil

One thing you need to understand is that there are CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD oil products. A CBD isolate means the product contains pure cannabinoids. On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD oil contains other cannabinoid compounds, including trace amounts of THC. THC is the active component of cannabis which causes psychoactive effects. Now, if the idea of ingesting THC, even in minute quantities, scares you, you might as well choose CBD oil isolate.

Ingesting CBD oil orally

The most effective and popular method of using CBD oil is by taking it orally. For beginners, there are pills or capsules available, which makes it easier to control and monitor dosage. If you are willing to take the oil or tincture orally, there are several options available.

Direct consumption means you put drops under your tongue and slowly ingest the oil. One standard indirect method is by adding the oil in your food. For example, you can put several drops in your protein shake or fruit smoothie. The advantage of CBD tincture is that you can easily adjust how many drops you want to use. Many also attest to the effectiveness of this method.

Lastly, you may also orally take CBD oil through edibles. Many CBD oil manufacturers also sell gummy candies infused with CBD. It is a more fun way of consuming CBD, plus you get to choose from a variety of flavours.

Topical application of CBD oil

If it is your first time using CBD oil, oral applications may be slightly intimidating. In any case, CBD oil is also available for topical application. This option is best if you want to try using CBD to ease various body aches and pains. The benefit of this option is that you can target the specific area and increase the concentration of your application. Topical CBD oil is quite popular with athletes, as a treatment option for minor injuries and muscle pain.

Important reminders when buying CBD oil

You need to exercise caution when purchasing CBD oil, whether online or in a physical store. There aren’t as many regulations surrounding this product, which means that you cannot always guarantee uniform quality from different manufacturers. The first thing you need to look for is the lab result.

Each product must undergo testing to determine its components. If the manufacturer is reliable, you can easily find information on lab results posted on their website. Some red flags you need to watch out for include the presence of contaminants, heavy metals, and solvents. If you are worried about traces of THC in the product, the lab result should indicate its percentage.

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