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Iceni Magazine | February 28, 2021

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3 Ways to Maximize Rewards from Your Business Purchases

3 Ways to Maximize Rewards from Your Business Purchases

Surely you know about the credit cards that give you cashback, but if you are not using these other options that also give you cash, you are missing on a lot of extra savings from your business purchases.

Remember how cumbersome it was to get refunds through coupons and rebates in the past? To get, for example, a rebate of $20 for a new printer you had to fill out a form (sometimes more than one), cut and paste a barcode on the form, send everything via traditional mail, wait from eight to 12 weeks and hope that maybe, just maybe, the discount coupon would arrive at your home. It was a horror story.

These days, it’s a lot easier to get refunds – except the terminology has changed a bit. It is now called cashback and it is done almost completely automated. So automated, in fact, that it may sound too good to be true. But it is true. By taking advantage of one or more cashback services, you can save money and/or earn rewards. Let’s take a look at the 3 ways to maximize rewards from your business purchases that exist in much of what you buy online and much of what you buy elsewhere.

Direct cashback to your credit cards

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this type of cashback, other than saying that if you are not using a cashback card, you are literally wasting your money. It is the easiest and simplest way to recover a percentage of almost everything you buy. Let’s say you use a credit card that gives you one point for every dollar you spend. In most cases, you can exchange those points for travel, goods, services or the like. You can also convert them into cash, which generally takes the form of credit on your card. You will not receive a check in the mail, but a credit will be applied to your account, which is more or less the same. It is money; however you want to see it.

Bitcoin crypto cashback rewards

When making purchases online for your business, another way to maximize the rewards is with bitcoin cashback rewards. This is a less conventional form of earning while making purchases. Instead of getting cash back, you get bitcoin, earning up to 20% of the purchases as rewards. Services such as Liquigate have a list on their site with all the shops that are eligible for these bitcoin rewards. You’ll be surprised with how varied and long the list of online merchants is. In fact, some of the most famous online shops of all categories are included. It’s an innovative way to approach traditional cashback and reinvent it. In a sense it’s at the same time rewards for your purchases and an investment as bitcoin will likely become more valuable over time.

Physical Cashback for your online purchases

Let’s think about a hypothetical situation: you need a new refrigerator for the office. You do a bit of research, find the model you like, and then proceed to shop online for the lowest price on that model. Turns out it’s at JCPenney. Then, remembering a sage advice, you head to a cashback service, where you discover that you can get a 3 percent cashback on JCPenney purchases. So you click from that service site to the JCPenney store and order your refrigerator as you normally would. Not long after, you get a credit of $51.42. After that, you receive an actual check (or PayPal deposit) for doing almost nothing.

To be totally honest, this case was not hypothetical. It happened to me. And that is why I have championed online cashback services for years. They are easy to use and do not require anything in return. (Actually, I think there is a small requirement: they collect your data on where you buy and what you buy. Some people are bothered by that. Not my case).

With this knowledge I have recovered hundreds of dollars that I would have otherwise missed. Little purchases here, big purchases there. It all adds up.

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