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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Your Logo And Social Media

Your Logo And Social Media

Your logo makes up just one part of your businesses brand but it’s importance should not be under-estimated as it’s likely to be the first interaction a user has with your brand on social media. 

It needs to be legible, clever, informative and most importantly memorable. A great logo uses the preconceptions around colour, font, and icons which can help educate its audience on how the business wants to be perceived.

Colour in a logo plays an important part in how your business is perceived by customers. For example, blue represents security, strength and tranquillity; red represents excitement and boldness; green represents freshness and nature; orange represents cheerfulness; and black represents authority and tradition.

The font you choose is important too. Here’s some examples of how different type styles can be perceived by your customers:

• Serif Fonts have a tail (a pointy bit) at the end of the stroke and have a traditional,
secure feel.

• Sans Serif Fonts have no tail and tend to be modern and clean.

• Script-like Fonts look more handwritten or stylised and can feel creative and fun.

How you then use upper and lowercase letters and mix font styles can also change your business’s outward perception. Uppercase tends to be bold, authoritative and traditional whereas using all lowercase letters can be more friendly, modern or quirky. Let’s also not forget about legibility, using a delicate, thin script or serif font might make it harder to be read at smaller sizes than using a sans serif font!

Finally, your logo might include a graphic/icon element that you use in conjunction with your text or possibly on its own. This should be unique to you and should identify your brand and offer some explanation for what you do.

So, what should you bear in mind when using your logo for social media or commissioning a social media ‘friendly’ version.


Remember that your logo might need to be used at a very small size, which is particularly frequent on social media platforms so ensure that your logo is easily recognisable and legible across all platforms – which can be difficult if you’re using a serif font. If you’ve got a strong icon element to your logo, you could consider just using this part of your logo as your @username should be your business name anyway.

Also remember that you may find that some social media platforms have different crops for profile images – some are circular and some are square, so make sure your logo is flexible enough to be contained in those areas.


Whatever you decide to use, whether it’s your ‘full’ logo or an icon element of it, be consistent in how you use it across all your social platforms.


If you’re using your logo in uploaded photo or video content, ensure you have a consistent placement for this – ie. bottom right corner.

Whatever you choose to use on social media just make sure your logo is legible, consistent and portrays your business in the best possible light. 

If you need help creating a social media friendly logo or just need your social media platforms ‘tidied-up’  please get in touch with me at or at @PKirk_designer

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