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Iceni Magazine | November 23, 2020

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Your Detailed List of Compensation Amounts You Can Receive for a Workplace Injury

Detailed List of Compensation Amounts

The workplace can be the scene of various kinds of accidents, as much as we’d like to believe that it is as safe as can be.

Some workplaces may be more prone to accidents due to the nature of the work done there, such as industrial and manufacturing plants and facilities as well as construction sites. But even if you’re working in a corporate office, you can also become the victim of a workplace accident due to unforeseen circumstances or even the negligence of your employer. If you have fallen victim to an accident in your workplace and you would like to know how much compensation you can receive for your claim based on your injury, here’s your detailed list of compensation amounts.

For injuries to the head

Injuries to the head can greatly vary depending on severity, but extremely serious injuries with unresponsive victims can result in compensation between £240,000 and £344,000. Those with moderately serious injuries such as brain damage, changes in personality, or loss of feeling in their limbs can be awarded compensation from £186,000 to 240,000. For mild injuries, compensation can be anywhere between £13,000 and 36,000.

For injuries to the neck, shoulder, and back

A severe injury to the neck that causes problems with movement can be awarded between £38,000 and 126,000 in compensation, while a mild injury such as whiplash can receive compensation up to £6700. A moderate injury to the shoulder which may last for a period and which constricts movement in the elbow and arm can get compensation from £6700 to 10,800, while a mild injury with damage to the soft tissue that has also caused some pain can be awarded around £6700. Back injuries that are severe, possibly resulting in paralysis or causing damage to organs, can be awarded compensation from £33,000 to £137,000. Moderate injuries to the back can be allocated between £10,600 and 33,000 in compensation, while mild injuries such as injuries to the soft tissue, sprains and strains, slipped discs, and muscle pain can be awarded up to £10,600.

For injuries to the leg and foot

A severe injury such as the amputation of one leg or both can range in compensation from £83,000 to 240,000, while a moderate injury, which has resulted in movement restrictions and disability, may receive compensation between £23,000 and 82,000. If someone has a less serious injury to the leg such as a fracture, soft tissue damage, or a break and it has resulted in a person’s incomplete prognosis for recovery, they can be awarded up to £23,000, as confirmed by accident at work claim Gloucester specialists such as Shires Law.

Ankle injuries that have caused the degeneration of joints or deformity can be awarded compensation from £42,000 to 59,000, while a mild injury to the ankle resulting in a sprain or fracture can receive up to £11,700. For a serious foot injury, compensation can range from £71,000 to 171,000, but mild injuries can get compensation of around £11,000.

The compensation you can potentially receive due to your workplace injury will depend on your loss of income and your recovery period. More severe injuries will be awarded greater compensation amounts, and it can take into account someone’s loss of enjoyment of life and outlook on life as well.


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