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Iceni Magazine | January 24, 2021

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Winter Driving Conditions: Cars That Perform The Best In Colder Months

Winter Driving Conditions: Cars That Perform The Best In Colder Months

In the UK we don’t usually endure severe winter weather, but frosty mornings, icy roads and the occasional need to battle snow can be part and parcel of the winter driving experience.

The good news is that many cars are intrinsically better behaved in adverse conditions than their predecessors thanks to general advances in safety technology. It’s likely that your new car will be reasonably safe to drive when the going gets tough – but some cars do tend to stand out.  

Specific ‘cars for winter’ with four wheel drive systems usually have a higher price tag than their two wheel drive brethren but current flexible funding options from experts such as LeaseCar can help counteract these initial costs.

Range Rover

Perhaps the archetypal four wheel drive; the Range Rover offers style, driver appeal and luxury whilst not forgetting its all-terrain capabilities forged when the original and somewhat utilitarian car appeared back in the 1970s.

Along with its commanding driving position, four-wheel drive, and full complement of safety equipment the Range Rover is great to drive any time. Its available in various flavours; the Sport version is worth considering if you don’t need the full-sized model, and it’s £10,000 cheaper.  

Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is value for money personified with prices starting at a shade under £9,500. That said, you’re getting a rather basic car – there isn’t a radio of any type for example – so you might want to spend more on a model further up the range to boost equipment levels.  

Your money buys you a very capable off-roader with good safety kit to stop you slithering around when roads are icy; especially if you specify four-wheel drive.  

Inevitably with a car at this price point, ultimate refinement is possibly lacking but it’s certainly not bad – and the Dacia is very good value for money.  

BMW 3 Series

A BMW 3 Series safe to drive in winter? Memories of the older models from the 70s and early 80s sliding around even on dry roads as their tails lost grip are fresh in some people’s minds, but the modern 3 Series is a completely different proposition.

Advanced safety systems and a ‘tamed’ rear suspension set up make this highly popular and desirable car a decent winter drive especially when the xDrive four-wheel drive system is specified.

Fiat Panda 4×4

A compact but very practical car with a four-wheel drive system make the Panda a genuine 4×4 supermini – in fact it’s the only 4×4 supermini presently on sale.

If you feel the four-wheel drive comes with a bit of a steep price tag but you like the rugged off-road looks and higher ground clearance, then lower price variants such as the Panda Trekking and Cross are available. 

Skoda Octavia Scout Estate

The Octavia has long been a firm favourite amongst motoring magazines, and the Scout offers enhanced winter safety in the form of a four-wheel drive.

Its diesel engine offers very good economy for a four-wheel drive car, and the Scout – in common with the rest of the Octavia range – is very well made, practical, stylish and well appointed. There is no saloon or hatchback version.

More options

Winter safety is well served by many of the SUVs available, such as the Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki SX4-Cross and the highly thought of Renault Kadjur. ‘Ordinary’ car options include models such as the Subaru Outback and even a viable winter sports car in the form of Audi’s TT in quattro four-wheel drive form.

Article By Jessica Foreman

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