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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Why Updating Customers & Clients Is So Worthwhile

Why Updating Customers & Clients Is So Worthwhile

Whenever a client or customer engages with your service, it’s incumbent upon you to reciprocate professionally.

Worst-case scenario, you might have to turn them down due to your bookings being full. Best case scenario, this can be a fantastic start to a long term productive and complimentary business relationship. In either sense, cordial, responsible, responsive communication is key.

But this involves more than just answering queries or taking support calls. It’s about how your firm communicates at every level, from designing the best product descriptions and specifications, using a copywriter for your marketing package, as well as designing scaleable systems that help clients understand what their money gets them.

Perhaps one of the most underrated implements to perfect here is that of updating customers and clients as often as is suitable. In this post, we’ll discuss how to integrate that into your daily planning, and which provisions are most appreciated in that light:

Time-Honoured Promotions

It’s good to curate promotions or return deals that convince your clients to keep coming back to your brand. App notifications or promotional emails can be healthy to manage, particularly if you set certain parameters for the clients that receive them – such as those that may not have made a purchase in the last month. When you’re able to open up and provide a time-honored promotion, and showcase to clients or customers that you’re trying to save them money with your service, then they’re likely to onboard. Perhaps they’ll buy something extra or buy a subscription. With deals, you can provide a value-added means of reminding them you’re still here.

Logistical Updates

Logistical updates such as telling clients or customers when an item has been packaged, dispatched, delivered or returned can be very helpful, ensuring they won’t have to feel nerves when ordering with you. But logistical updates can also be issued in other ways too, like notifying clients of checkups with your gas engineer software, telling them when their subscription will lapse, or perhaps even when they need to have a product they own serviced or the warranty extended. Logistical updates provide you the chance to be informative at the right times, always working within the schedule of those who use your service. 

New Developments & Innovations

It’s exciting to show that you have new products or serviced additions to your general library of value. If you can inform people when new improvements have been made, your investments in sustainability have paid off, or you’ve expanded your team can allow customers and clients to feel part of your brand story. You can use sites like Twitter, Threads or even an email newsletter to keep your clients up to date on this. The more you can make your business and its development goals transparent, the more people can root for you. Including others in that push is always healthy.

With this advice, you’re sure to update customers and clients in the healthiest possible way. Over time, this may lead to real goodwill being developed at a grassroots level.

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